Tuesday, April 29, 2014

He's 3!

Thats right. The little man turned three. I have a love hate relationship with birthdays. I love how excited and happy my kids are. I love how I get to spoil them and make a big deal over them. I HATE that they are growing up. And growing up is exactly what this boy is doing.
He smart but very reserved about letting people know how smart he is. He is very inquisitive and always wants to know how things work. He will pull anything and everything apart just to se how it works. He is a little OCD at times and things have to be a certain way or it drives him crazy! All drawers, doors, and cupboards have to be shut, completely at all times. His train has to be set up in a certain order and his hands can most definitely never stay dirty or sticky for longer than 10 seconds. If he ever eats anything that drips or gets on his hands I have to give him his own washrag to clean himself off with or else we suffer the wrath of his OCD meltdowns.
He has the best poker face ever which makes him an impeccable tease. I can't believe how well he can hold a straight face.
He can be quite bossy and has some grumpy moments but for the most part he is just pleasant and enjoyable and  just too cute and fun for words.
Currently his absolute favorite show is Tom and Jerry (aka: cat and mouse) and he loves to sing Frozen songs with his sister and even humors her by playing Prince Hans or Christof sometimes.
He is an excellent big brother and plays and plays with Isaac. I love secretly listening to them playing. There is lots of chasing and growly and giggling and I love it even if growling is technically against the rules in our house.
His obsession with trains is only growing so naturally he got trains upon trains for his birthday as well as a trip to the Midwest Train Show and a train cake.

We even got him his very first real life model train! ...Actually we got two because he had to have a stream engine as well as a diesel engine of course.

Cant believe my little buddy is 3! Time just needs to slow down a little. I can't keep up.


  1. Our kids need to stop growing. Seriously. Its not fair. But he is one cute 3 year old!!

  2. His cake is impressive, good job! I also love that his favorite is Tom and Jerry, Hunt went through that phase and even called it cat and mouse too. I love when they like old school things instead of all the flashy things they have access too.