Monday, October 28, 2013

Clever Title

I dont have a clever title for this post and in all honesty I am too tired to think of one. Life is stressful at the moment.
Here is the randomness you have missed out on since the last post...

A few more things we (and by "we" I actually mean "I") harvested. I still have carrots left and then Im all done! This is mostly impressive because I did all this while Andrew was hunting and I was home alone with all three kids. He brought home another elk though. Pretty sure we are good in the meat department for a while.

 Aunt Gayle came over and we sang "banging on the pots and pans" whilst actually banging on pots and pans (for those of you who grew up with me you may or may not remember this song. It is a fun one!)
 I was a sucker and bought the kids these dopey little $1 bats from the drug store while we were there. On the way home the conversation went like this.
Pep: "My bat name is Bat Teeth and he REEEAAALLLY poooky!!!"
AnDee: "My bats name is Sparkle and she's not spooky. She's sweet."
 I had to post this pic so I can remember what that head of hair looked like on that tiny little body. I'm jealous of her hair. Sometimes when she puts her pants on it gets stuck in the waist band. Its her pride and joy. If I ever threaten to cut it, she about panics.
 Pep is Dennis the Menace. That's all.
 Ike has teeth! Two teeth! But you can only see the one in this pic cause the other one is still just peaking through.
 Cousins. Ike looks like a giant. However they do wear the same size diaper. Aldee has a large bottom.
 We swing... and swing and swing and swing. But all that swinging comes with lots of giggles so its worth all the pushing.
 We made a trip up to Aunt Gayle's house and ate all her raspberries. No seriously... that bowl was heaping when they started and empty when they left. It was really quite incredible to watch the mass consumption of raspberries those little things accomplished. I guess they do take after me a little

In other news:
Remember how we had to say goodbye to Dyl? It was short lived. He is back. Things didn't work out for him in Nevada and we are sorry to say that we are not at all sorry about that. So that goodbye ended up being a super easy goodbye. The next goodbye however will most definitely be the hardest goodbye we have come across yet...
(That was my attempt at a cliff hanger. Check back for details)

Friday, October 18, 2013

Little Miss AnDee Lew

This girl is pretty much my best friend. She is clever and funny and smart as whip. She is doing SO well in preschool and just absolutely loves to learn! Its so fun to see her get so excited when those light bulbs go off.
We took a trip to the pumpkin patch with her class last week. We went on a hay ride, picked out pumpkins for her and the boys, and went down a giant slide ( at which point I broke my bum. Not kidding. My tailbone is broken. It hurts. And its not funny) We made our way through a maze and got to eat apple donuts and drink fresh apple cider! So good.

 This is her riding down with her favorite teacher Miss Alesha. The other little girl she was riding with was incredibly adorable. I couldn't stop staring.

She has become very aware of others. She often tells me about how sometimes the kids in her class are mean to the others and how she makes friends with the kids that are getting picked on because it makes her feel said when the kids are so mean.

Our neighbors had a couple of chickens they didn't want anymore so we adopted them. One is a little bantam hen. She is just tiny so of course AnDee loves her. Plus she will just stand still and let AnDee walk right up to her and pick her up. She carries her around everywhere. Hunter generally leaves the chickens alone but for some reason the other day he went after the tiny little lady that AnDee so lovingly calls her little "chicky". I thought for sure she was dead. My diagnoses was a punctured lung. She was not breathing well. Only about one breath every 10 seconds and the breath was more of a gasp. I put her in a box and explained to AnDee that she probably wouldn't make it and that she would feel better if she died and went to Heavenly Father. AnDee decided she needed to say a prayer and ask for Heavenly Fathers help. 20 mins later that chicken popped right up and acted like nothing ever even happened. Seriously a miracle. Such a good learning experience for both me and Buggy.

I love hanging out with this cool chick. She makes every day a little brighter and a little better.
Plus she is so stylish!

Joseph Xavi Pep Naugle

Ask him his name, he will tell you... "I Jophes (yes jophes) Xavie Pep Naugle)
A while back the kids were arguing. This is all I heard...
Andee: "Yes you are Pep and you know it!"
Pep: "No! AnDee! I NOT know it! I Pep!"
This mostly makes me laugh because when I was a kid and I would go to my dad and say things like "Dad Im hungry" he would reply with something to like "You're hungry? I thought you were Chantal" and then he would laugh at his cleverness. Apparently Pep has my dads sense of humor and I love it.
He is going through a phase right now that is killing me. He is THE most lovable, sweet, adorable, charming little guy in the whole world. Ugh! I cannot get enough of him! Then suddenly... BAM! He's the devil and I want to throw him out the window. There is no in between with him. Its either perfection or pure evil and I never know what is coming next.
He is still obsessed with trains and wants to be a train conductor for Halloween. He plays with them for hours and hours and carries them everywhere he goes.

He has also become a handy man. He fixes everything. I found him and his sister in a giant puddle they had made in the back yard in 60 degree weather. He was "fixing" his bike.... and possibly freezing to death. I cant keep them dry!

Speaking of not being able to keep them dry.. I cant keep shoes on my children either (which they probably come by honestly) However we have some aggressive chickens (no seriously. One flew at me and took a chunk out of my thigh! psycho chicken!) and they like to peck at toes. Pep has developed a little bit of a fear of them as a result. He panics when they come towards him. That is he did panic until I put some big solid shoes on him... He looked at me and said "I not afraid! I kick chicken!" and he did. Repeatedly. And I let him.
Handstands. We appreciate a good hand stand in our house. AnDee is a pro. She flips her feet straight up and then can even do push ups while in the handstand. Its insane. Pep is right on her tail though. I pretty much love watching him try to do a handstand. Cracks me up every time.
(sorry for blurry pics)

I also pretty much love his cowboy boots and shark jammies.

Renzo Baby

As I have said many a time.... I am in LOVE with this boy. He is the most sweet and cuddly little thing. Every time I pick him up (and I do mean EVERY time) he wraps his tiny little arms and gives me the biggest hug ever. Makes me feel like I am the single most important person in the world.
He still isnt quite crawling but it wont be long. He did however finally pop his very first tooth through. Its the front bottom left and the right will make its appearance any time now. Its right on the edge.
He LOVES to eat but he doesnt particualrly like baby food. It must be the texture or something because I will try to feed him a bottle of (baby food of course) carrots and he will gag and spit and do anything he can to make it stop. But if I give him little pieces of cooked carrot he will eat it right up. A few weeks ago I tried to feed him some mashed up banana. He hated it. He kept dry heaving and turning his head so I couldn't put more in. The faces he was pulling were the classic baby-just-tried-new-strange-food faces so I thought Id keep the funny faces coming and give him his first taste of dill pickle.... ZERO reaction... other than he loved it and started humming and dancing. He does that... dances when he likes something or someone.
He is a jumper. Im starting to think he will never walk because every time we stand him up he immediately starts to jump.
He sits up on his own for endless amounts of time now. However when he sits on the bed we like to make a nest around him because he likes to flop over and then roll until he falls off. Fortunately our bed is just a mattress on box springs that sits on the ground and falling off is pretty safe. In fact he seems to like the fall. Adrenalin junky

He love to say "dadadada" all day. You know, like most babies do to drive their mothers crazy cause lets be honest, it would be a lot more fair if their first word was "mamama"
He still likes to eat his feet. The second his toes are bare they go right in his mouth and he gets a little irritated when I try to take them away and put clothes on him.

Bath time is the highlight of his day. He starts dancing the instant he sees the tub and dances all the way through the process. He dances so hard we end up with water everywhere but cleaning up is worth the sheer joy it brings him.

He has remained very patient with his siblings (we will see how long that lasts) and even puts up with AnDee hauling him around (and scaring the snot out of me) the house.

We love him. Every one loves him. No one can resist his charm. Especially that smile that takes up his entire face

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

This Weeks Odds and Ends

Seems like I do a "random" post every couple of weeks and this one is no different. Here are the odds and ends all mashed together to make up one big random post.

Andrews work provides corporate passes to thanksgiving point. We get to do anything and everything there for free. So we hit Andrew up for the passes, talked him in to going with us and invited Amber and her two youngest to joins us at the dinosaur museum.
The kids were in heaven. AnDee got to be with one of her very best friends (Brigs) and Pep got to run around seeing  giant dinosaurs! AnDee scored big time because Amber let her come play at her house while Pep went to grandmas for a nap. Andee ADORES her Aunt Amber and family (as do I) so this was basically the best thing in the world in her mind.

 Andee is very uneasy about sitting right in front of all those teeth.

We got to spend some bonus time with Amber and her family later in the week when they all made the trek to our house to put up some tomatoes. I have to have Amber there for tomatoes cause I dont actually like them so I need extra motivation to put all that work into canning them. I always love it when they are all done and I can see what we have accomplished though.

 We also talked her kids in to picking the plums... which are still sitting on the back porch. Fail

This is how we gather eggs lately. It really does works quite well.

Pam was super nice a few weeks ago and took Amy and I on a "girls weekend"  We stayed in a hotel and spent a day up in park city.... shopping. Which really isnt my favorite activity but it actually was pretty fun. It also made night #2 of being away from my kids(ever). Well except for Ike of course. He got to tag along.

In other news...
Pep likes to eat bubbles (his new way of "catching" them)

He doesn't like to have his diaper changed and still isn't overly interested in potty training, which results in this...

We spent some time at Aunt Gayle's house (finally)

Ike is getting amazing at sitting up by himself. Maybe one day he will start crawling too.

I get a few minutes every day to just cuddle this baby. I sit and rock him and he curls up in a little ball in my arms and snuggles his face in and goes right to sleep. Closest thing to Heaven I can imagine.

Too Many

I feel like I write too many goodbye posts. Alas, here we are again with another goodbye.
Dyl got a pretty sweet job offer on the Nevada/California border... Much to our dismay, he took it. So we of course had a little get together to say goodbye. We ate food, played games and fell off the slack line a lot.
The good thing is that saying goodbye to Dyl this time wasnt quite as hard. He can come home and visit regularly and we get a weekly facetime call from him so we are handling it a lot better than we did when he went on his mission and we felt totally seperated.
We will miss him for sure though! Its always hard to watch our best friends move on to a new phase in their lives that doesn't include us quite as much but we are super excited for him and wish him the best!
Before he could leave we (of course) had to gather everyone around the computer to watch "What does the fox say" and other various stupid youtube videos


 I actually kinda feel bad for posting this pic. I tend to post pic of Andrew for my own entertainment. His pants were getting in the way so he took care of the problem. However he does tell me that he is very confident in his legs so he is not embarrassed by this pic in the slightest.
 Hugs goodbye

Love you Dyl! Good luck!