Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pumpkins and Such

We decided it was high time to get some pumpkin carving done around here so we set out to conquer the giant pumpkin Aunt Gayle brought us. The kids were awesome and even helped me take all the guts out and Pep even ate a few of the extra pieces (he hated the taste... cant figure out why he is always eating things that he hates the taste of)

AnDee posed them like this. She's a natural.

Both the kids have been a little more interested in soccer lately. Maybe because they got to see all their cousins and mom and uncle  Caleb play last week after Billy's baptism? But Pep is definitely more focused on it than AnDee. Im hoping this is something that sticks so its not embarrassing for him to explain to everyone where his name came from.

AnDee made her own swing in the backyard. Ok... maybe I helped a little but I have got to hand it to her, she is one clever and determined little girl. I think she would have got it done with or without me. She is very proud of her new swing.

I am no good at this not having a husband thing. I have a few friends who go weeks on end without there husbands. I seriously have no idea how you do it. My respect for you is great. I am a mess when Andrew is away. Therefor I am constantly trying to stay out of the house and busy... which usually results in me spending more money than I should. So far this week we have been to the zoo, AnDee and Pep got to go to Provo and play with Uncle Dave while Mom played volleyball, we carved pumpkins and made swings and worked on the front yard, yesterday we went to the mall and played on the "winnie the pooh slide" (as AnDee calls it) and then met up with Nanny for some dinner. This afternoon I think we will head to PG so the kiddos can play with Gayle. Just the cost of gas is gonna kill us. Its a good thing Andrew only goes once a month or so because we would be in the poor house if he was gone anymore than he is. 
Its been a fun week though considering his absence. AnDee has been THE BEST kid in the world. She (not exaggerating) cleans my whole house every morning. I have to help with a few things like scrubbing toilets or mopping floors sufficiently but for a 3 year old she rocks it and I cant even tell you how much it helps me. Plus she has just had the best most positive attitude that has kept me out of my -I miss Andrew- depression. Thank you AnDee Lew! I dont know what I would do without you! 

and for good measure... here is Pep in a bucket. I dont know why... he looks pleasant though, doesnt he? 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Zoo

So after I posted yesterday about keeping myself busy while Andrew is gone I felt motivated and inspired so I packed the kids up and we went to the zoo. This doesnt seem like a very big deal, I know but I dont do things like that by myself. I ALWAYS wait for a time when Andrew can go with me. But I did it! All by myself and we didnt even die or get lost.
The new area with the polar bear and the seals was a big hit with us, as was the baby giraffe.

 Um... it may have frightened her a little and she may have run away
 Not Pep though, he stood up to that bear like a man.
The bear was so funny. It would swim up to the glass, stand up, push off and float away on his back and then repeat the process over and over and over.

 AnDee thought it smelled really really good in there.

It was fun. And I felt accomplished doing something so grown up all on my own. Turned out to be a pretty good day.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Maybe its Weird...

Maybe its really weird... I dont know, but we like to take walks in the cemetery. Its quiet, the kids can run and I dont have to worry about cars, and they find all sorts of treasures ( Pine cones, chest nuts, sticks, rocks) Although I do have a rule that they are not allowed to walk on the grass by the headstones... It weirds me out thinking about walking where people are buried.

We have been obsessed with bugs lately, grasshoppers, lady bugs, potato bugs... and worms! We had an entire worm colony living in a container in our kitchen. Seriously like 40-50 worms. I had to secretly release them in to the wild while AnDee was napping. 
The coolest part of this bug obsession? We have purple potato bugs in our yard. Like really purple!

Its hard to see in the pic but if you look at the second one, I put one of our purple friends next to a normal colored potato bug. They are neat and the kids literally spend hours looking for them while I try to rip up our mess of a front yard. Pep is also a rock moving champ which is awesome because we have more rocks than grass I think.

We have recently discovered something... tv is the devil. I knew it made my kids grumpy but I had no idea what a difference it would make in our lives to remove the tv watching. Dont get me wrong... I didnt get rid of the tv and kids still get to watch a little but it is a reward for getting their jobs and school done and they have time limits. Usually about a half an hour a day, tops. Life has been so much more pleasant without it. My kids are happy and respectful to me and to each other. They listen and obey without complaint, they sleep better, they eat better and we all just get along better. Im not saying that removing the tv has made us a perfect family but in comparison to what things were like before... we are doing pretty dang good. Pretty sure the tv will never make a real return to our home.