Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My children + a giant jetted tub =

There is only about a foot of water in there, the rest of the 3 or so feet is bubbles. Pretty sure if we hadnt turned off the jets it would have been like in the movies... you know, like when there are bubbles coming out of the cracks around the door? It was pretty amazing.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Things I missed

Here is a little compilation of things that I have missed out on blogging lately.
Onion Days:
We not only did the parade but we even did the carnival! Dad hates the carnival so this was a special treat.

 Waving at the pretty girls.
Pep was not please with the cheerleaders... cant say that I blame him.

 Pep helped Dad fix a broken sprinkler head. It had been broken and leaking since before we moved in... He smelled REALLY good after digging in it for a while

Please dont look at me. Please please dont look at me. Im a planet already and Im not even quite half way there. Im all squishy and gross.. but look how cute my kids are! I sacrifice my body to produce cute kids. We hiked up to this little trickle of a waterfall up Payson Canyon on our anniversary. It was the perfect hike for the kids. Both of them walked the whole thing.

Oh yeah... remember that one time when Andrew had brain surgery? ... That was pretty neat.


With a look like this, he is bound to be a famous composer right?
We love the piano. (or as AnDee would say "the pianio")

Thug Life???

... With a feminine touch?

This is regular attire in our house lately.... Not so much for me and Andrew but the kids are seen like this at least a few times a week. They are hard core.

The long awaited house post

Here it is, our house
you dont get a pic of the front yard because I HATE it. I will however post before and after pics of it when there are after pics to be had, until then.. we will start with our back yard.

 The back looking to the house

 the house looking back
 The sheds and RV parking
 Living room, the furniture is not in order.. Andrew has been sleeping on a chair so that he can sit up a little better so we moved things around to accommodate.
 looking in from front door
 more living room. Um... still havent hung the pictures. My life has been crazy ok? lay off me
 Pep's room
 Master. Im embarrassed but as you can see, Pep has permanent residence in our room and there is no sense in making the bed or cleaning up. Between Andrew being knocked out most of the time and the children napping... its almost always in use.
 master bath
master bath
 Buggy's room. Eventually we will get in painted. Pink purple and yellow... naturally

The kiddo's bathroom
 The weird little nook area in the basement. Eventually I want it to be a craft/sewing room
The really clean toy room, complete with broken bookshelf that is laying on its side until we can fix it. This pic is actually only about half of the room, but you get the idea.

I am missing pics of one bedroom that is full of unpacked boxes and camping gear, one bathroom that is never used and gross, the laundry room and the storage room, but those are boring rooms anyway.
I love my house. I LOVE the windows and I LOVE LOVE the backyard! One day we will get all the pics hung and the walls painted and things the way we want them... maybe... then again... we might be moving in a few months... Ill have to get back to you on that one.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Elder Stephen Naugle

Well... There are officially 2 Naugle brothers serving missions in Brazil now!
AnDee Loves her Uncle Stevie and as you will see from some of the pics that Im going to post, She was not pleased with his leaving. I think she is starting to think that Brazil just takes people and you never get to see them again once it gets a hold of them. I told her that if she gave Stevie to Brazil, Brazil would have to give Jake back. She has asked me multiple times why Jake isnt back yet. I think she is starting to give up hope.
Stevie was 10 years old when Andrew and I started dating. It is so crazy to think about how little he was. He has always been extremely easy to get along with. I really dont think I have ever had any sort confrontation with him at all. He's always mellow and is never in a hurry. The kid knows how to work though and has an awesome testimony. I have no doubt he is going to be an awesome missionary.
Dont worry, AnDee raided his bedroom as soon as he was out the door. She didnt really take anything but she did hide his ipad from Grandma Naugle (My kid is the coolest)
We didn't go to the airport when he left. We decided it would be easier on us if we just said goodbye from Grandma's house, especially since it was right during nap time. I did however, send my camera up with Pam so we got a few airport pics.
So here are an insane amount of pictures from the big day.
 OK.... so I dont have any shoes on and my husband looks amazing. But everything else looks good right... oh, except the fact that you get the feeling that my daughter just had the most evil thought ever. And yes.... Andrew looked exactly like that in every group picture we took.

 At least Stevie was happy in this one?? This is where AnDee lost it a little. She realized that he was getting in the car and soon Brazil would take him and never give him back.

 So this is the companion he flew with and Im pretty sure they are buddies in the CTM (or mtc as we know it) now
And there he goes! Off to start some serious adventures! We are so excited and proud of him!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The big day

I'm not gonna lie, the last few days have been rough. I'm emotional. It didn't hit me until Sunday when some lady in relief society started talking about when she had her brain tumor removed and how scary it was. That's when reality set in and I got nervous. Monday was our anniversary. 8 years (are we really that old?) we really didn't do anything special. We took the kids up the canyon but mostly we just spent time together, hid out together and had a whole day where it was just our little family with no distractions.  Andrew had a chat with AnDee about his surgery. She simply replied in a very adult manner by calmly telling him that she didn't want him to go and wasn't going to let him. She became quite emotional after he explained that he had to go and she couldnt stop him. She has had some issues with insecurity since the move anyway (which is why I pulled her out of preschool but that's another story) but this sent her in to emotional hyper drive. Tears. Lots and lots of tears. Not much sleep though. She keeps herself awake cause she's afraid we are gonna "leave her" if she falls asleep. Yesterday she said to me "mom, I really don't want dad to have things shoved in his head. It will make me sad" I'm kind of scared to bring her to see him because I'm afraid that the hospital and the tubes and wires will terrify her. Especially when daddy looks like he's basically been run over by a truck. Fortunately Pep is little enough and mellow enough that he hasnt been too upset by it all. 

We arrived at the hospital at 5:30 this morning. By the time we had to part ways it was almost 7. I went straight in to the bathroom and had an emotional breakdown. If you are going to have a brain tumor this is the kind to have (or so I'm told) the tumor itself isn't life threatening, just makes life miserable. Surgery generally goes well and 2 out of 3 people who have a pituitary tumor removed never have it come back. But... It was explained to us that although complications are rare, they are almost always very serious when they do. You know... Permanent brain damage, death... Those sort of things. I'm pregnant... My emotional melt down was justified, right? So what did I do? Naturally I texted Dave and Dyl. If Andrew is not available they are always the first people I turn to. Within 45 mins I had both of them sitting next to me, eating kneeders breakfast and seriously laughing so hard it hurt. Within another half hour, my mom was there too. She skipped out of her shift at the temple early to come sit with me. Pam is at my hose watching the kiddos and I have already had a number of texts asking how Andrew is and how they can help. Not to mention the blessing he received from my dad and his last night. The people in my life are incredible. I am completely incapable  of expressing how grateful I am for the family and friends I have.  And for the gosple and the preisthood that has brought so much peace through all the craziness.

Surgery is over. No brain damage. No death. The Doctor said he had a really weird shaped head (ok maybe it wasnt the whole head but that's what I heard) and so they had a bit of a time getting through but once they got passed that, everything went perfectly. I'm sitting here next to him now. I'm no good at this... For those of you who have serious health problems or have loved ones that do, my heart goes out to you. It is SO hard to sit here with him and see how pale he is with is face all bandaged and tears involuntarily slipping from his red puffy eyes. This has been a real reality check for me  gave me just a little taste of what life could be like without him and how much he really means to me. Its also been just a little test of faith for me I have a bit of a hard time just turning things over to my Father in Heaven. But as he always does, he has proved to me that I have no reason not to trust him completely. But would I be saying these same things if things hadn't gone so smoothly? Lucky for me and my lack of faith, He is fine, I know he is and soon they will take the oxygen off of him and by tomorrow he will be able to even hold a real conversation but right now it's like the life has been completely sucked out of him and I am NO good at sitting here watching it. That being said... I am breathing a huge sigh of relief right now. The scary part is over and it's only going to get better from here. Thanks to all of you for your support and prayers. 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

bits and pieces

This is a post of a little of this and a little of that. Some pre-move and some post.
Preface: My parents yard has a lot of snakes in the summer. Andrews parents yard has just as many or more. Now don't get me wrong, Im not a fan of snakes. They are a little creepy and have made me jump and squeal a little a few times in my life but these are just little water snakes. They don't bite and are really quite docile. The worst thing they do is stink. (seriously, they smell SO bad) But my mother in law has quite a different opinion. Her word are that they are "evil. pure evil" and she tends to freak out a little.. ok more than a little when she see's one.
This has scared my daughter. "Terrified" would be a good word to describe her feelings toward them. We have bee working on getting over that fear all summer and guess what?...
Poppy got her to hold one! This has never been a problem for Pep. He is all boy and thinks they are great.

As we all know by now, AnDee is a climber. She has mastered my parents apricot tree. Well.. she has mastered the up part. She has been banned from climbing up the right side of the tree because she climbs all the way to the top (and I mean ALL the way, like there is no more tree to climb) and then cant figure out how to get down on her own so guess who gets to climb up and help her? oh.. yup, that would be me. But she can go up and down the left side all by herself (mostly because she can only get about half way up) She is no longer satisfied with this. She wants to go higher but for now she will just have to deal with the boring left side.

Ever turn the tub on and walk out of the room to grab something? Well Im a bad mom and tend to do it, and this is what happens when I do.

Fully clothed children in the tub, thats what happens

I finally let go of my fears of bad vacuuming and let AnDee vacuum the whole living room all by herself. She did a surprisingly good job, (I only redid some of it) and with such style too!

And after all the vacuuming we had to take a break outside of course. We ended up playing in the nasty grey water. The kids thought it was great though and Pep only drank a little so... all in all it was a good time.
P.S. apparently playing in water ALWAYS requires sticking your bottom in it.

This morning was a little rough on all of us. Uncle Stevie left for Brazil today (Mission). It was a little emotional. AnDee doesn't really get it. All she knew was that she wasn't very happy about it. We will devote a post to this later. Stayed tuned for that as well as Onion Days pics!