Friday, May 20, 2011

"look mommy! Beautiful!"

So we had a bunch of friends over last weekend just hanging out and playing games. AnDee was lucky enough to have this little doll come to play too!

We were out talking and playing games and the girls were in the back playing. Buggy came walking up behind me saying "Look mommy! Beautiful!" over and over again until she finally got my full attention. What was beautiful? Her eye make up of course! She had taken a blue marker and drawn one line  vertically down her right eyelid. No big deal right? Its washable. So i told her to put the markers away. She of course said she would and went on her way.... only to come back a few minutes later looking like this....

 and from this photo you can see how brilliant she thought this was...

 Uncle Dave wanted "pretties" too so Buggy gave him some blue make up too. Lucky for him it didn't really work 

I say 'lucky for him' because when I went to wash it off the washable markers weren't all that washable. She had pink pot smoker eyes for a few days. To top it off she went to a carnival type party for Andrews work the next day and had a blue snow come that stained her mouth and and a good portion of her face blue. she was happy about that too.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

I cant believe how much he has changed...

1 Day

2 weeks

 3 weeks

 4 weeks

 5 weeks (hehe)

I apologize for the couple of pics taken off my phone.
Today we drove past a big truck pulling one of those tuff shed things that looked like a barn "look mama!" bug said "a pig house!!"

A couple of weeks ago I FINALLY got Buggy on camera singing the alphabet all the way through. She has been able to do it with out any mistakes for a few months now but every time I got the camera out she would pretend she didn't know it. One day I will post the video... if I ever get around to it ( I have no brain lately)

Pep and Bug's "Uncle Dyl" returned home from his mission last Tuesday. Dyl is a BLAST and is full of energy. So when he came over to see us for the first time he blew through the door screaming with excitement and scooped in me up in a big hug... That sufficiently scared the holy guacamole out of AnDee. She was literally shaking for 10 minutes... That was after she screamed and cried for about 5 minutes. I'm pretty sure her first impression of him was him screaming through her door and attacking her mom. I think it about broke Dylans heart. He left on his mission about 3 weeks before AnDee was born. He had been waiting 2 years to meet her and after the attack on her mom, she wouldn't even look at him. They are starting with baby steps though and she is warming up to him.

(Ill explain her lovely eye make up in another post)

AnDee and Pep have become best friends. He watches her like crazy and she can almost always get a smile out of him. She is SUPER protective of him and even stands guard and makes sure people wash their hands before they touch him. One of her favorite things to do is to hold her "baby brudder"and she LOVES to show him off to just about everyone she sees.

He is such a chill baby, which is exactly what I was praying for for nine months. I don't know if I could keep up with his crazy sister if he wasn't so patient. 

Hipidy hip hip hop

So I did it... I finally broke down and made an appointment with a physical therapist for my little hip problem. I was pretty sure they were gonna tell me it was all in my head and that I was perfectly fine.... Not so much. Turns out my SI joints like to dislocate and move in to positions they aren't supposed to. The good news is that it's a supposed to be a pretty easy injury to heal. If all goes well I'll only be in therapy for a month or so. The bad news is that it has cause my muscles in my back and legs to shorten in order to compensate so I have to retrain all my muscles. I will also probably have permanent damage and will have to do weird hip exercises all my life in order to keep my hips where they are supposed to be. All in all though... I'm so glad I went and I'm on my way to getting back to my old self. Oh and did I mention I love my PT? He told me I could play soccer while going through therapy. As soon as he said those words I knew he was the PT for me ;)
For those of you who don't know (cause I didn't) this is a SI joint...
I have now played two games and a couple of pick up games with friends. I suck and Im slow as all get out but it makes me happy.... after I get passed the frustration of my body not being capable of doing what my head is telling it to do ;)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

To all my moms

I have the best moms in the world! I say "moms" cause I have lots of them. I love them all and appreciate the fact that they have all played a huge role in making me the person I am. I hope that I can continue to grow into the person they would all want me to be because they are all amazing women and all want the best for me.
To my real mom. The one who birthed me. I love you! You are such a rock for me to rely on. I know without a doubt that I can come to you when ever for whatever and you will happily receive me with open arms and something good to eat. I was super lucky as a kid because not only am I the youngest in my family but there are 4 years between me and my closest sibling. I got LOTS of mom time. You took me everywhere. We really were/are best friends. You spoiled me and I loved every second of it! (who am I kidding? you still spoil me) You are so creative, so talented and so.... crazy. I love your craziness! I love that you would come outside and do back flips on the tramp with me and my friends. I love that you came to a soccer practice when I was about 12 and did a flip-throw in and my whole team was AMAZED! Thank you so so much for being the best mom ever. The perfect mom for me.
To my mom #2 (AKA: Gayle) I never had to spend a day of my life with only one mom. You have always been "Mama #2". You taught me how to paint, how to garden, how to eat peas and raspberries by the buckets full! You taught me to appreciate the things around me. To "stop and smell the roses" if you will. I wouldn't see the world.. especially nature the way I do without you. I love you. Thank you for opening my eyes to a world I could so easily have missed. Thank you for your example. Thank you for the awesome person you are.
To Pam. Im not good at expressing things... I don't call you mom, I don't say I love you, I am extremely reserved on most things when Im around you... except for my sassiness... it gets a little out of my control sometimes. But, I do love you and appreciate you. You are such a support to me and I always know you have my back, which is great when it comes to a certain opinionated person I married :) Thanks so much for loving us and being such a great Grandma!
To Mrs. Wendy Lee Pugh (Clark). I cant help it, I always sing your name to the tune of Winnie the Pooh. Its an old habit. You are an amazing women! You have always been such an example of kindness and charity. Im so glad I had the chance to basically live in your home for a few years of my childhood. You had more influence on me than you will probably ever know. When I sometimes needed a safe place to hide, for some reason you always let me hide at your house. Thank you for that. Thank you for introducing me to Les Mis, the oldies station and other fun things that I know my life would be void of without you. Thank you for letting me eat all your food and sleep on your floor. Thank you for raising such an awesome daughter. I needed her to help me through those years. I love you!

There are many more moms I should thank. My sisters for example, especially my sister Amber. She let me tag a long and feel cool because I was hanging out with teenagers when I was so little! She took me shopping when I was devastated about my brother leaving on his mission. She still has a 6th sense about me. She has concerns for me that no one else even thinks of. I have one awesome family and a ton of amazing mothers! For those of you that I didn't mention. I haven't forgotten you, I love you. You all have a special place in my heart and played an important role in my life! I am SO blessed!

Tip Toe Through The Tulips

Last week we went to the tulip festival at Thanksgiving Point with Buggy's Nana. AnDee had a blast! I seriously had no idea how cool their childrens park was! for those of you who have children and have not been there, I highly recommend it. 

So I guess in the summer they fill this with water and there are fountains for the kids to play in! we will be coming back to witness it.

 The fish and the one lonely duck were probably the highlight of our adventure. Flowers are pretty but feeding fish? Much cooler!
Sorry, no pics of the Pep boy this time :(
Thanks Nana for going with us! Happy Mothers Day!
Happy Mothers Day to ALL the awesome women in our lives!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Big Sister and Baby Brother

Buggy likes to tell everyone that she has a baby brother. She is in love with him... Thank goodness!!! I had this huge fear that she was going to be a holy terror. I heard all these awful  stories of toddlers turning in to nightmares when the new baby arrived. Im happy to report that my toddler is most definitely not a nightmare. She is so good to help and be patient with mom when she is feeding or changing or doing whatever else is taking up her attention. She always has to know where "baby Jophes" (dyslexic?) is. She surprises me everyday with what a good big sister she is.
Baby Pep had his first check up last week and he weighed in at 7.07 lbs and 20 inches. Thats almost  a pound and 2 inches of growth in two weeks!! Craziness! He is starting to be a lot more awake and alert and has started cooing and smiling. He is So much fun! He loves naps with his Dad and he is even considerate enough to let mom sleep a little at night! :)

AnDee is a nut at her gymnastics class. She decided that doing back flips on the rings would be a good idea. I don't even know how she knows how to do these things! She has also figured out how to climb the tree in our back yard. Should make for an interesting summer. 
The other night she was in the tub and slapped her own bottom and said "Butt!!" Andrew told her that wasn't a nice word. "Bum!" was her reply. I honestly don't know where she gets this stuff. I dont teach her these things.  She also sent my mom to her room the other day and told my dad that he needed my permission to go outside. Bossy? Maybe a little.