Monday, May 2, 2011

Big Sister and Baby Brother

Buggy likes to tell everyone that she has a baby brother. She is in love with him... Thank goodness!!! I had this huge fear that she was going to be a holy terror. I heard all these awful  stories of toddlers turning in to nightmares when the new baby arrived. Im happy to report that my toddler is most definitely not a nightmare. She is so good to help and be patient with mom when she is feeding or changing or doing whatever else is taking up her attention. She always has to know where "baby Jophes" (dyslexic?) is. She surprises me everyday with what a good big sister she is.
Baby Pep had his first check up last week and he weighed in at 7.07 lbs and 20 inches. Thats almost  a pound and 2 inches of growth in two weeks!! Craziness! He is starting to be a lot more awake and alert and has started cooing and smiling. He is So much fun! He loves naps with his Dad and he is even considerate enough to let mom sleep a little at night! :)

AnDee is a nut at her gymnastics class. She decided that doing back flips on the rings would be a good idea. I don't even know how she knows how to do these things! She has also figured out how to climb the tree in our back yard. Should make for an interesting summer. 
The other night she was in the tub and slapped her own bottom and said "Butt!!" Andrew told her that wasn't a nice word. "Bum!" was her reply. I honestly don't know where she gets this stuff. I dont teach her these things.  She also sent my mom to her room the other day and told my dad that he needed my permission to go outside. Bossy? Maybe a little.


  1. That's awesome! I'm glad that she is doing well with the new baby. I remember Liam really liking Emma, just not liking the attention I had to give to Emma and take away from him. I love that AnDee is sassy. I makes me happy :)

  2. Your daughter cracks me up!! I'm glad that she's a great older sister and still a great toddler. I also love that she's sassy and I'm sure you know she totally got that from you!