Monday, July 25, 2016

Lets Take it Back

I have lots to write about, including the birth of our newest addition. However we are gonna take it back to pre-baby for a minute.

This summer has been full of fishing, sunshine, friends and cousins. I can't think  of a better combination.

We spent a few days fishing Strawberry.

Pep even got to go on an over-nighter with his dad. Just the two of them. He was SO happy. Plus they met up with his cousin Wyatt which was just the icing on the cake.

Grandma Naugle got a little pool for the kids. Its been a lifesaver. Endless hours of fun... plus a few sunburns.

Im not sure why the snail had to go on his head. It literally left a streak of green slime in his hair. 

And of course we have spent as much time as possible with Aunt Gayle. The kids think that being able to harvest their own food is the greatest thing to ever happen so we put them to work as often as we can. 

Plus... Pep practically caught a flipping humming bird! Do you see it!?

Don't worry this is not the end of our summer adventures. There will be more to come shortly.