Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Guess who?!

Guess who's potty trained?! Guess who potty trained in THREE days?!

This is how she looks all the time now. Apparently after you potty train, you dont need to wear pants anymore? She is just so darn proud of her big girl underwear. She is constantly trying to take her pants off.(yikes!) Im sure that one day she will be really happy that I posted this picture on the internet for all to see. hehe
She has done AMAZING! The first day we had more accidents than successful trips to the bathroom. The second day we had more success's than accidents and the third day we only had one accident! She even stays dry through the night and naps (well... if Im being honest there have been a couple of early morning accidents but with the amount of fluid she intakes before bed, its no wonder) and has been doing so for a week and a half now!
Im pretty positive that she could have been potty trained months ago but... Mom wasn't ready to take it on at that point. It was just too easy to potty train. Im pretty sure that because she was so easy.... Pep is gonna be like 8 before he stops peeing his pants. But.... until then, I will enjoy our success!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

We bought a trailer yesterday. We are all super excited to go camping!! I'm not a real fan of trailers myself. I'd rather tent it, but with babies it makes things easier. I especially like this one because it's toy hauler so the back opens completely and we have a screen that zips down over the opening so it's tent-like :)
Anyway.... I told you that to tell you this... AnDee fell asleep in the truck on our way to Spanish Fork to get the trailer. She woke up as soon as we arrived. When she wakes up her eyes always pop open and she instantly gets busy being awake. So her eyes pop open and she starts in stuttering (which she does sometimes. I think it worries her dad but I just find it completely adorable) "I I I I ... Um...Walmart scares me!"
You and I both, my dear. You and I both.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

So AnDee was determined to go to the store with her Nanny the other day. So of course my mom couldnt say no and ended up taking her with. On the way there a rather forceful driver cut my mom off. My mom began to mutter under her breath when AnDee asked "whats wrong Nanny?!"
Trying to cover up what she was actually doing she replied "oh nothing! Im just being a growly bear" followed by growling noises to prove her point.
My child's response? "Dont be weird Nanny." in total disgust. She wasnt buying it. Not even for a second.

P.S. how does my barely 2 year old know what "weird" means? Must say something about the nature of her parents?

Ride 'em Cowboy!

AnDee had a blast at the rodeo! She loved all the animals, the little kids mutton bustin, the rodeo barbies with their pink chaps and bouncy hair and the super crazy cowboys on the crazy horses. She spent most of her time in the isle dancing and clapping. Pep on the other hand spent most of his time being irritated by all the noise. So Pep and I spent some time back behind the bleachers watching all the young fellows dressed up, pretending they actually knew something about being a "cowboy" and all the the young women in their questionable and mostly inappropriate clothing. Im not quite sure why the rodeo draws such dress? Im not amused by it, to say the least.
What I was impressed with?....

Andrew and I definitely do not dress the part but AnDee sure did... with her Gramma Naugle's help of course. Complete with wranglers and John Deer boots our little princess looked like she was born to barrel race! We might just have to try out the mutton bustin next year. With a get up like that she has a lot to live up to!
Lets not forget her brother.... he wasnt quite as happy about playing dress up but he was sporting the wranglers and pearl snaps like a champ!

Lets face it... He would have been all smiles if he was in a Barcelona jersey instead. The kid has no choice but to be a soccer player. He does carry the names of two of the best players ever to play the game, after all. No pressure. But it was fun to torture him a little. 
Oh... and of course we all enjoyed our strawberries and cream that we wait ALL year for. Yum!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Strawberry Days!!!

We kicked of Strawberry Days on Friday When we took Buggy to Huck Finn Day. It was a BLAST! We started off with a little fishing and Buggy caught her very first fish! She even reeled it in! She was SOOO proud of this enormous catch! She had to tell everyone about it!

We got a little overwhelmed with the amount of people at the fishing pond so we headed over to see what other fun things we could do. Buggy got her face painted by one of the Miss Pleasant Grove royalty. (Oooolala) She got to play in the bounce house and we went down the bouncy slide. We saw all sorts of cute animals and she got a few prizes and a balloon!!

 This is how she was looking at the girl the entire time she was painting her face. I love my kid...

At the end before they drained the fishing pond they let all the kids get in and try to catch the fish with their hands. Of course the water was ICE cold and of course I couldn't get AnDee out of it. By far her favorite part of the day.

trying to catch up.... again

I really struggle with the blogging thing. There is SO much I should be posting about and yet, by the time I get around to it... I have forgotten most of what I was going to talk about. So we will just start with what I do remember...
Pep's  8 week stats: ( yes, this was 2 weeks ago.)
23 1/2 inch tall-75th percentile
12.4 lbs-25th percentile
And I'm not sure how big his head is, I just know it's in the 50th percentile

We feel like he is huge cause he is growing so much faster than Buggy did but in all actuality he is pretty normal. We are working on getting his reflux under control but even with his food constantly coming up his throat he is still such a sweet and mellow baby. When he doesn't feel good he just puts himself to sleep. It's like he knows he doesn't have to deal with it when he is asleep. Speaking of sleep. He has been sleeping 8-8 1/2 hours straight at night for the last few weeks. He sleeps until about 6-6:30 in the morning and then eats and goes back to sleep for a couple hours. He is awesome! He is super super smiley and is starting to really figure out his voice. He makes all sorts if noises these days and loves to stand up. He thinks he's a real hot shot when he stands. He also loves to have the sun in his face. If he's crying... All we have to do is stick him in the sunshine so it's blaring right on his face and he's happy. He must have got that from me :) The poor kid is so easy going and quiet that he is easily forgotten. His sister tends to still the show. Our camera is full of pictures of AnDee with only a few of Pep. But my phone is full of pictures of Pep so I guess its even?
I just love holding this little guy. It not like it was with Buggy, where I just held her all day every day. Its actually a little difficult to find the time to just sit and hold him. So when I do... I cherish every second of it. He is such a cuddly baby and just a little lump. He is just fun to have in your arms. Im so blessed to be his Mom and I ADORE him!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Stress release

After all the crud we went through with the flood and being sick and then the craziness of birthday parties and baby blessings we needed a break. Saying we needed a break is an understatement. We weren't functioning very well physically or mentally. So we took off for a couple days. We headed to park city the first night and stayed in an awesome hotel. We did some shopping at the outlets and just chilled at the hotel. The next day we headed to the zoo and met up with my sister Amber and her kids. The Zoo was insanely crowded but we just took our time and enjoyed.

 We spent the rest of the day playing in the pool and relaxing. The next morning we got up and headed to temple square. I love temple square. It's so peaceful and quiet. Just totally relaxing. We went to the church headquarters building and went up to the observation deck and saw Salt Lake from above.
Remember how I said AnDee cant take a pic without posing anymore...

We have to catch her off guard to get one were she isnt squinching up her face or squatting with her hands on her knees. Silly girl 

We then walked down to the gateway mall (can I tell you I love walking places? I enjoy a walk much more than a car ride) and let buggy play in the fountains and kinda just wandered around.

We didn't do anything we haven't done before. Nothing crazy or exciting, but it was probably the best trip we have ever taken as a family. So relaxing and fun and we got to just enjoy each other. I'm so glad we went.

Blessing our little Blessing

So we blessed our little Pep in the 5th of June. Of course when the Bishop pronounced his middle name over the pulpit he said it wrong but who could blame him? When Andrew started the blessing the mike cut out... Nice. But he handled it amazingly well and the blessing was perfect.
We didn't get very many pics but here are a few..

This isnt a blessing picture, obviously but how could i not post a pic of my godfather baby?

On a happier note...

After all the sickness and weird eye infections and junk... 

and after I got caught up with the laundry and cleaning (well kind of, I still had about 3 more loads after all this)

 we did have a much happier birthday party for the Bug. She got a trampoline for her birthday (insanely spoiled) so we filled it with balloons and let the kids go crazy in it. Of course the older kids were destructive and popped all the balloons in a matter of minutes. Fortunately we saw this coming and made sure we got Buggy in first and took some pictures.

We were only missing 3 of AnDee's cousins at the party. Even her cousins and Aunts and Uncles that live in Logan made it down!
We let all the kids make and launch bottle rockets. It was a blast and I think everyone had fun. I know AnDee did. (thank you uncle Caleb for helping launch all the rockets about 300 times. Seriously... Hours of launching)

I love this picture because of AnDee's hilarious cousin Jonas sitting with his legs crossed in the lawn chair.. the kid cracks me up.

This is AnDee's rocket that her and Uncle Stevie made.

 She has started this thing where she cant just look normal i pics. She has to pose for everything

Notice Stevie's forehead. He hit himself with a fence post pounder. Thats right boys and girls, I said he hut HIMSELF in the head with a post pounder.

We had airplane and helicopter cupcakes for desert and Buggy got her own giant cupcake... which she licked all the frosting off of and ate none of the cake part... Of course.

She was spoiled by her friends and family at present time and her cousins and friends made sure to show her exactly how the presents they picked out for her worked ;)

It was a super fun day, We are so lucky to have such awesome friends and family to share it with!!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Not a fan of goodbyes

So last week AnDee's favorite "Uncle" left for school in Hawaii. We had a little going away party for him. AnDee still wasn't feeling great but, of course, she didn't let that slow her down. We had a fire in the fire pit and had tin foil dinners and roasted marshmallows.
We love Uncle Brett and miss him like crazy already. AnDee asks for him on a regular basis and I make sure I rub it in and make him feel bad for moving to Hawaii. :)
here are a few pics of the get together...

 what an attractive group of people
 this was their "funny face" pic

Love you Brett!!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

When it rains, it pours.

Happy Birthday Buggy????
This is what I woke up to at 3:30 AM. Thank goodness for 3am baby feedings (never thought I would say that)

 spreading a little further

 Then is started coming through the door (It started with just the window) We didnt know it but a stream had formed under our stairwell and the water was actually shooting UP through the drain instead of going down.

 Thats how deep the water was after it was sandbagged. who knows how bad it would have gotten if we didnt catch it when we did.

eventually we ended up sand bagging the hallway to try and keep it from getting to the bedrooms. It only got into one bedroom so I guess it kinda worked?

 Thats how deep the water got in the stairwell. Almost waist deep.

 Yeah... happy birthday? She woke up at 6 am to the sound of vacuums sucking up the swimming pool that had formed in our house.

 This is how we got some of the water up. Andrew, Brett and Stevie would take the sand bags and push the water into the kitchen where Pam and I would suck it up with the vacuums

 The sink hole where the stream started ...

We did manage to take a minute or two to remember AnDee's birthday. Poor kid.

And to top off the wonderful day, AnDee came down with a horrible cough that night. She was so congested the next night that she was turning blue from the lack of oxygen. We got her on an antibiotic and the doc said to watch her really close and be on alert for pneumonia. We spent the whole week sick. I got it the next day and Andrew got it that night. Pep started coughing soon after and I went into panic mode. An 8 week old with pneumonia? Scared me to death. But my prayers were answered and the cough only lasted a day for him. We got everyone healthy enough to at least function for the weekend. We through a going away party for Brett on thursday. Had Buggy's birthday party on Saturday and Pep was blessed on Sunday. I will post more on these events later. Now do you see why I needed a few minutes in the sunshine this morning?