Wednesday, June 8, 2011

When it rains, it pours.

Happy Birthday Buggy????
This is what I woke up to at 3:30 AM. Thank goodness for 3am baby feedings (never thought I would say that)

 spreading a little further

 Then is started coming through the door (It started with just the window) We didnt know it but a stream had formed under our stairwell and the water was actually shooting UP through the drain instead of going down.

 Thats how deep the water was after it was sandbagged. who knows how bad it would have gotten if we didnt catch it when we did.

eventually we ended up sand bagging the hallway to try and keep it from getting to the bedrooms. It only got into one bedroom so I guess it kinda worked?

 Thats how deep the water got in the stairwell. Almost waist deep.

 Yeah... happy birthday? She woke up at 6 am to the sound of vacuums sucking up the swimming pool that had formed in our house.

 This is how we got some of the water up. Andrew, Brett and Stevie would take the sand bags and push the water into the kitchen where Pam and I would suck it up with the vacuums

 The sink hole where the stream started ...

We did manage to take a minute or two to remember AnDee's birthday. Poor kid.

And to top off the wonderful day, AnDee came down with a horrible cough that night. She was so congested the next night that she was turning blue from the lack of oxygen. We got her on an antibiotic and the doc said to watch her really close and be on alert for pneumonia. We spent the whole week sick. I got it the next day and Andrew got it that night. Pep started coughing soon after and I went into panic mode. An 8 week old with pneumonia? Scared me to death. But my prayers were answered and the cough only lasted a day for him. We got everyone healthy enough to at least function for the weekend. We through a going away party for Brett on thursday. Had Buggy's birthday party on Saturday and Pep was blessed on Sunday. I will post more on these events later. Now do you see why I needed a few minutes in the sunshine this morning?

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  1. wait. since when do you have a yellow wall? ;) Sorry all that had to happen. Especially on AnDee's birthday :/ But happy Birthday AnDee!!...and I'm glad you caught it.