Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Guess who?!

Guess who's potty trained?! Guess who potty trained in THREE days?!

This is how she looks all the time now. Apparently after you potty train, you dont need to wear pants anymore? She is just so darn proud of her big girl underwear. She is constantly trying to take her pants off.(yikes!) Im sure that one day she will be really happy that I posted this picture on the internet for all to see. hehe
She has done AMAZING! The first day we had more accidents than successful trips to the bathroom. The second day we had more success's than accidents and the third day we only had one accident! She even stays dry through the night and naps (well... if Im being honest there have been a couple of early morning accidents but with the amount of fluid she intakes before bed, its no wonder) and has been doing so for a week and a half now!
Im pretty positive that she could have been potty trained months ago but... Mom wasn't ready to take it on at that point. It was just too easy to potty train. Im pretty sure that because she was so easy.... Pep is gonna be like 8 before he stops peeing his pants. But.... until then, I will enjoy our success!


  1. yahoo!! Good work AnDee!! And I'm a little jealous. Both of my kids where pains in the butt to potty train. I think I wont potty train Fox until he's 5...then maybe it'll be easy ;) But it's awesome that AnDee is potty trained! Such a liberating feeling :)

  2. What a savings you'll have too! All my girls were a lot quicker than the boys, I don't know if boys are lazier or could just care less :) Congrats on having AnDee done!