Thursday, March 31, 2011

some tidbits

Apparently this is the new hip way to sit in the high chair. This is how she sits every time now.

AnDee's new favorite word: "Problem"
Example: "Mama, this is a probom"

AnDee's current favorite color: yellow
it doesn't matter what you point to or what color it is, if you ask AnDee Lew she will tell you it "Lellelow"
She always adds extra 'L's' to words that have 'L' in them. And I of course think it the cutest thing ever.

Today the goats were doing some highly inappropriate things. Fortunately for me, children are innocent. "look mama!" she said "They're dancing!!"

She is really beginning to love soccer (Yes!!!!!) she always tells me that "Dada and Dave are gonna play socca game".  She even watches it on t.v. with us. :)

She recently suffered a couple of injuries to her left leg and foot. This causes her to walk exactly like Igor.

I sure do love my girl. My biggest fear about having this baby is having to spend 2 whole nights in the hospital without her. Makes me wanna cry just thinking about it.

The Pitster

This is AnDee Lew on her very first ride on the pit bike

This is AnDee Lew today... about a year and a half later.

How did she get so darn big??

Monday, March 28, 2011

Is it inappropriate to....

go out in public in your pajamas? Cause I totally went grocery shopping in my pj's this morning. Im tired... really tired. I have had a cold for over 3 weeks now and my body is just plain done. Everyone keeps saying "Only two more weeks! Your almost done!" I always respond. "Yeah, we are getting there!" but really Im thinking "Shut your big mouth before I punch you in the nose! If one more person reminds me that I have 2 more weeks of this crud, Im gonna lose it!" Its not just me that is sick, its my whole family. My poor baby wakes up at night coughing so hard she throws up. This doesn't seem very fair to me. God must be teaching me some kind of lesson?
Let me complain a little more.... first, some back ground on the subject.... About three years ago I was playing soccer (I know, weird huh?) in a co-ed game. Someone crossed the ball in front of the goal so of course I moved in for the finish when BAM! I giant mans, giant knee came crashing into my groin-al area. It hurt. Badly. I hobbled off the field and straight out the door so no one would see the tears of pain rearing their ugly heads. After a regained my composure I was ready to go back in and give it another try, I wasn't walking real well but Im not the sharpest tool when it comes to injuries and I had to prove that I was tough and could get back in there and redeem myself. I stepped on the field and within seconds the ball was passed to me. I stuck my foot out and trapped it... okay, that wasn't too painful... and then it happened. I tried to bring my leg back to swing at the ball to make a pass.... My leg didn't move. So I had to go with a forward motion... I might as well have hit the ball with my purse, it rolled a couple of feet and stopped. I was beaten and I knew it, so I hobbled off the field.
X-rays showed my hip was dislocated but in the night it had popped back in to the socket. I just needed some time to let the tendons and ligaments repair themselves and I was good to go. No big deal right? Except Chantal isn't capable of staying away from the soccer field for that long. I was back a few days later playing (but not well) I didn't feel too bad though. About two months later, SURPRISE!! We found out that AnDee Lew was on her way.  This actually was superb news but not for my hips. You see when you are pregnant your body releases a hormone to relax all the muscles, tendons and ligaments to make room for the baby. This meant that I wasn't going to heal any time soon.
Lets just get to the point here... I played competitively until I was about 6 months along and then I played for fun with friends until about a week before I delivered. Bad Idea. I gave birth to the most beautiful baby girl ever and was back playing exactly 14 days later. Bad idea. I continued to play for months and months. Bad bad bad idea. It was to the point that I literally  COULD NOT WALK after games. In fact one night I got stuck in the bath tub because I couldn't lift my leg up high enough to get out. I ended up ripping the towel rack off the wall trying to hoist myself up... and it didn't work. I had to crawl out head first and drag my lower body out. Good times, good times.
Now after all that, here is my complaint. My hips hurt. Like REALLY hurt. I have all these women tell me "I had hip pain in my pregnancy too" No no no. You don't understand, I have sciatica pain and I know how bad it hurts. Which it does, it hurts badly. Add that to hips that dislocate for no reason and a baby that is so low I have to walk around his head and it makes me want to cry... and I do, almost on a daily basis at this point.
It is for this reason I am asking for your prayers and some fasting wouldn't hurt either. Im starting a "Get Pep out" movement. Will you join me?!
Im am sincerely apologetic for this awful post. My complaining doesn't do me any good, I know but Im feeling really bad for myself today. So sorry

Friday, March 18, 2011


Tonight Andrew spent about a half an hour "singing" and playing the piano. His singing is really quite lovely... And high pitched... And his voice does a lot of cracking. At one point Buggy walked up to him, patted him on the back and asked "you ok Dada?" with much concern in her voice.
Andrew zones out a little when he plays the piano and he is really good at blocking out the outside world. Buggy has had a bit of a cold and as a result has started picking her nose (I know... Gross) well she picked her nose and had a nice big booger on her finger and was holding it out for her dad to clean off. He of course was too distracted to notice so she wiped it on his shirt but apparently she found it gross that she could see her nasty booger stuck to his shirt so she picked it off and whiped it on his arm.... It's probably still there.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Today I asked Buggy if baby Pep should come out and play now. "no thank you" she said. At least she was polite about it? She also informed us that when he does make his arrival he will be sporting pink hair and pink eyes. Sounds a little creepy to me but she acts like it's a good thing.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The truth

If you don't want an honest answer, don't ask AnDee. She has become quite the little talker in the last little while. I mean whole sentences and entire conversations. It's almost scary cause I have no idea where she gets half of the stuff she says. Most people can catch the main idea of what she is saying and a lot of the time she is very clear on what she says but as mom I understand almost everything and I'm usually looked at to translate. At this point I'm glad I'm the translator cause that gives me the opportunity to edit. I think I'm going to be in trouble when everyone can understand everything she says.

Last night Andrew thought he would be funny and wear my robe, which happens to be huge and puffy and red. He was digging in the fridge for something and AnDee walked up behind him and said "grandma, I have some cheese please?" ... She calls it as she sees it. :)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

takes after her dad

Buggy looks just like her dad. Im pretty sure that a stranger would have no idea that I am her mother. The only thing she inherited from me is ONE blue eye. Sheesh! He couldn't even give me both eyes? :) In actuality I love that she has one blue eye and one green eye. How many people have that? Anyway.... This is Buggys hair...

CURLY!!! just like her dads. My hair??? Doesn't even have a real wave to it. This has caused a little trouble for me because I have NO clue how to do her hair. Poor kid, most of the time she looks like she doesn't have a mother, but  rest assured that it isn't because I don't try. Today I got it to curl up pretty nicely, it was looking like I had actually done it. I have to be super motivational in order to get her to hold still for long enough for me to attempt to do it so I was telling her how beautiful she is. I asked her "Do you have the most beautiful hair in the world?" to which she replied "ummmm.... Maybe?"

I love this girl!

Monday, March 7, 2011


Andrew and I took a concealed weapons class on Saturday to receive our concealed weapons license. Thats right, I am now packing. ;) In all actuality I have no intentions of carrying a gun, ever. Andrew thought it would be a good idea though with all the laws they have changed and are trying to change about owning guns. So we are sitting it this class for 3 hours and Im dying! Im bored, I hurt,  Im hungry and I have to pee every 10 minutes. To top things off, we had some real creepers in the class. One of which wore a loaded hand gun shoved down his pants in to the class. Anyway...The instructor starts talking about the ins and outs of actually carrying a concealed hand gun and one of the real weirdos pipes up and asks.... "If someone breaks in to my house and I pull my gun on him and he gets scared and runs away... will I be in trouble if I shoot him in the back?" uh.... WHAT?!!!! why would you shoot someone in the back while they are running away? Can I leave now? I feel like Im in grave danger sitting in this classroom right now. Seriously! What is wrong with people?! And why are we giving creepers like that licenses to carry a loaded hand gun?! Not only carry a loaded hand gun but SECRETLY carry a loaded hand gun. Yikes!
Anyway.... That was a joyous way to spend way too much of my Saturday.
On a happier note... Its been a little warmer lately and so we have spent lots of time OUTSIDE!!! We love outside! AnDee has become the goat queen (Proud moment????) She can call her goats and they actually come when she calls. They love her, they run and play and chase each other all over the place. Odd... but cute. We cant wait for this storm to pass so we can get back outside in the sunshine!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


As of yesterday I can officially say that I am having my baby next month! Wahoo!
That is all I have to say about that.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dad got Buggy a present

Well... actually two presents.

spoiled much? Mom has mixed feelings about the whole thing. Most of you know that I love animals and these little guys are so stinking cute! But they have to be bottle fed and will continue needing to be bottle fed until after I have the baby. Im pretty sure Andrew will be on his own with the feedings at that point. In the mean time, Ill enjoy their cuteness and continue to dress them to match AnDee? Its a coincidence I promise.