Monday, March 28, 2011

Is it inappropriate to....

go out in public in your pajamas? Cause I totally went grocery shopping in my pj's this morning. Im tired... really tired. I have had a cold for over 3 weeks now and my body is just plain done. Everyone keeps saying "Only two more weeks! Your almost done!" I always respond. "Yeah, we are getting there!" but really Im thinking "Shut your big mouth before I punch you in the nose! If one more person reminds me that I have 2 more weeks of this crud, Im gonna lose it!" Its not just me that is sick, its my whole family. My poor baby wakes up at night coughing so hard she throws up. This doesn't seem very fair to me. God must be teaching me some kind of lesson?
Let me complain a little more.... first, some back ground on the subject.... About three years ago I was playing soccer (I know, weird huh?) in a co-ed game. Someone crossed the ball in front of the goal so of course I moved in for the finish when BAM! I giant mans, giant knee came crashing into my groin-al area. It hurt. Badly. I hobbled off the field and straight out the door so no one would see the tears of pain rearing their ugly heads. After a regained my composure I was ready to go back in and give it another try, I wasn't walking real well but Im not the sharpest tool when it comes to injuries and I had to prove that I was tough and could get back in there and redeem myself. I stepped on the field and within seconds the ball was passed to me. I stuck my foot out and trapped it... okay, that wasn't too painful... and then it happened. I tried to bring my leg back to swing at the ball to make a pass.... My leg didn't move. So I had to go with a forward motion... I might as well have hit the ball with my purse, it rolled a couple of feet and stopped. I was beaten and I knew it, so I hobbled off the field.
X-rays showed my hip was dislocated but in the night it had popped back in to the socket. I just needed some time to let the tendons and ligaments repair themselves and I was good to go. No big deal right? Except Chantal isn't capable of staying away from the soccer field for that long. I was back a few days later playing (but not well) I didn't feel too bad though. About two months later, SURPRISE!! We found out that AnDee Lew was on her way.  This actually was superb news but not for my hips. You see when you are pregnant your body releases a hormone to relax all the muscles, tendons and ligaments to make room for the baby. This meant that I wasn't going to heal any time soon.
Lets just get to the point here... I played competitively until I was about 6 months along and then I played for fun with friends until about a week before I delivered. Bad Idea. I gave birth to the most beautiful baby girl ever and was back playing exactly 14 days later. Bad idea. I continued to play for months and months. Bad bad bad idea. It was to the point that I literally  COULD NOT WALK after games. In fact one night I got stuck in the bath tub because I couldn't lift my leg up high enough to get out. I ended up ripping the towel rack off the wall trying to hoist myself up... and it didn't work. I had to crawl out head first and drag my lower body out. Good times, good times.
Now after all that, here is my complaint. My hips hurt. Like REALLY hurt. I have all these women tell me "I had hip pain in my pregnancy too" No no no. You don't understand, I have sciatica pain and I know how bad it hurts. Which it does, it hurts badly. Add that to hips that dislocate for no reason and a baby that is so low I have to walk around his head and it makes me want to cry... and I do, almost on a daily basis at this point.
It is for this reason I am asking for your prayers and some fasting wouldn't hurt either. Im starting a "Get Pep out" movement. Will you join me?!
Im am sincerely apologetic for this awful post. My complaining doesn't do me any good, I know but Im feeling really bad for myself today. So sorry


  1. So sorry Chantal. I'm definitely sending some prayers up there for you. I hope Pep comes SOON!

  2. you crazy CRAZY woman!! i would have come out there and beat you mysel if I'd known you were doing all that.

    you better promise to take it easy from now on! be kind to your's already going through massive changes...that take an enormous toll on your muscle/joints/ligaments! Obviously you're already feeling the effects.

    I'll pray for you...and i sympathize with you too.

    oh and yes!! pjs in public---totally appropriate for pregnant women.

  3. PJ's in public are not only appropriate for pregnant women but also Mom's in general. I try to buy nicer Pajamas but most of the time end up in my pink, slightly-too-big, scooby-doo high-waters. But I'm a nice person :) I don't know that I can sympathize with you because I have mentally blocked out all memories of being pregnant and birthing children ;) But I'm sorry. What we don't do for our kids... I will definitely start praying.

  4. I never had my hips injured from playing soccer, but I still felt pretty crappy those last few weeks before those babies came. So I really feel for you :( I hope things get moving quickly for you. I'll keep you in my prayers and send you happy thoughts :) love you. xoxoxo