Thursday, February 7, 2013


AnDee has really been in to dinosaurs lately. She has a book that is nothing but info on dinosaurs. It has pictures but no story, just the names and functions of the dinosaurs and what time period they lived in... that kind of stuff. She spends about a half an hour a day just studying that book.
Lucky for us Andrews work provides free passes to Thanksgiving Point and even more lucky for us... Thanksgiving Point has a dinosaur museum! Free stuff is always better. So yesterday we got up from naps and went up to the museum! The kids LOVED IT! Im sure we will be going back. Pep was impressed with the dinosaurs but was calling all of them "crocodiles" (and yes he pronounces it perfectly) he was just as excited for the crocodiles as everyone else was with the dinosaurs.

It actually was a very cool museum. I had never been to a dinosaur museum so I enjoyed it as well. 
After the museum Dad treated us to dinner and took us to the new outlets at Traverse Mountain. We just browsed but for those of you who care to know, the Columbia outlet that is up there pretty much rocked my socks off. Too bad Im the size of a planet right now and didn't dare buy anything. I will be going back. 14 days and counting... 
Speaking of, AnDee informed me the other day that we could just get a knife and cut the baby out. I told her that might hurt a little but she told me it would be ok cause we could just glue it back together.
She was also just singing Disney songs to me. I always thought the song from Jungle Book said something like "the bear necessities" but I guess I was wrong. AnDee says it says "a pair of sesames" Good thing I have her to keep me straight.

Monday, February 4, 2013

St. George

So I have had a case of the winter blues for some time now. The snow is no longer any fun. Its been too deep to even play in (especially since Pep's legs are approximately 3 inches long) and on most days it has been bitterly cold. I needed out. The kids needed out. So we talked Dad into taking us to Nanny and Poppy's condo in St. George. This was our first time visiting the condo. My parents bought it last year as kind of a get away place for any of the family who would like to use it. It is SUPER nice and located on hole number 10 on a golf course. Too bad the only person in the entire family that golfs is Lance. It was a short little trip but very needed and very rejuvenating.
We got to play in the park! And throw rocks in the river! It was almost 60 degrees down there! We were only there Thursday night, Friday and then we headed home Saturday morning but it was worth the drive for sure. We spent Friday afternoon sitting in the front yard while the kids dug in the sand and "rock climbed" We didn't even need jackets!!! I wish we could go back and escape the cold again for a while but... my doctor says I cant go that far away. Boo.

I had to talk myself in to posting these pics... I just really don't like pics of my pregnant self but... its for the kids not for me... right?

 This is exactly what Pep's face looked like every time he would swing forward... the weight of his head was just too much.
 This is Pep telling Daddy "mon!"(come on) and then getting extremely angry and yelling "PEASE" (please) when he didn't oblige

 AnDee has turned in to quite the protective big sister. I don't know how many times I heard her yelling at Pep "stay RIGHT BY ME!!!" so he wouldn't get hurt. What a good oldest child.

 Very pleased with himself...
"rock climbing"

On our way out of town we stopped at the wildlife museum. I was actually super impressed. There were a TON of animals... even a lot I had never even heard of. They gave the kids "noculars" to spot the animals with and there was even a thunderstorm inside the building. So cool. 

Thank you Dad for taking us and a BIG thank you to Nanny and Poppy for providing such an awesome escape for all of us!