Friday, February 19, 2016

Walks with Ike

Walks with Ike are the best. The sun was shining a few days ago. The big kids had gone to do something fun with their dad and Ikey was stuck with me. He had been sick so I didn't want him running around but It was too nice out to not be outside. I stuck him in the stroller and we went for a little walk. We spent most of our time picking up rocks off the side of the trail (me) and then throwing them in to any tiny bit of water we could find (Ike) It was nice to be out but what I cherished most about this walk with my youngest was the conversation.

Ike: "Mom, I see the sun."
Me: "You do? Me too!"
Ike: "Yeah... its right in my face!"
Me: "Yeah..."
Ike: "So.... could you move it?"

and a few minutes later he explained to me why his dad can't eat flour (I thought it was because he has a gluten allergy but I guess I was wrong.)

Ike: Walking down the sidewalk and jumping over all of the cracks
Me: "Don't step on a crack or you'll fall and break your back!"
Ike: "Yeah, like dad. He just step on a crack and break his back. Now he got a hurt and he can't eat flour anymore."

The logic is sound.

Thursday, February 11, 2016


 So far this month we have visited St. George and enjoyed weather that was at least warm enough to play outside in with nothing more than jackets.

We fed a few ducks/swans

  We were lucky enough to visit the Prove City Center temple. The boys just saw a big fancy building that they couldn't run around in but AnDee was mesmerized and is super proud that she can now officially say the she has been inside a temple.

We also spent the day at the STEM Fest. It was SO DANG COOL.
 They got to freely build and create for hours.

 And they got to hang out with the Star Wars crew.

Buggy got her hair trimmed and we discovered that it is officially past her bum (when wet)

Beefcake and Bernie took a nap like this...

We had a few other adventures that weren't documented and we hope there is more to come this month. We are praying that the snow will melt. We are missing grass and sunshine and air that we can breath without getting lung cancer.

Also... Andrew passed his Securities Test so he can actually start making a little money!!! WOOT WOOT! This is a big deal... this test was huge and scary. So glad its finally over. And so proud of him!

To end todays post I would like to share my favorite conversation with my kids this week.
Me (after AnDee had a bit of a melt down over something very silly): "AnDee... maybe you need to start thinking about someone besides yourself."
Pep: "I think about my family!!!"
Ike: "I think about poop."
That pretty much sums up Ike right now. The kid kills me.