Thursday, March 29, 2012

CAUTION! Graphic Image.

AnDee's baby "cheep cheeps" hatched last weekend. It was so fun to watch and to watch her watch. She was SOOO excited. Now I can't get her to leave them alone. Poor little things. They  are so tiny (quail) I don't know if they are going to be able to hold up to her "love".
We took some pics of them hatching. You may or may not find these pics really gross... viewers discretion is advised.

Not the cutest thing in the whole world is it?
Don't worry, once the goo dries up they get a little cuter.

In other news...

Pep loves him some corn!
He is a full fledged walker now and has added a couple words to his vocabulary (uh oh and Gayle) he answers "yeah!" to just about every question and on very rare occasions blows kisses

Friday, March 23, 2012

Her Fathers Child

Not only does my daughter look just like her dad (aside from the ONE blue eye she got from me, of course) But she apparently acquired his climbing skills as well. We took her to the sport mans Expo last weekend and she was obsessing over the climbing wall they had there so we thought we would let her give it a try. Im pretty sure she was THE ONLY two year old to attempt it and Im positive she is the only kid her age that climbed to the top of that thing (Ok... if I being honest she was like 4 feet from the top when she slipped) She can't stop talking about it. I guess we are going to have to try to get the the climbing gym more often from now on.
its an awful pic, I know
She also got to shoot a real bow.
And we got to see a baby bear and watch the dogs in the dock diving competition. AnDee says she is going to train hunter and enter him next year. I believe her.

So one of the neighbor boys got some little tiny baby goats and my parents are letting him keep them in their pasture, so of course my kids can't get enough of them. They are pretty darn cute though.

Monday, March 19, 2012

he walks!

He definitely isn't comfortable enough to just walk any where or all the time but he can if he wants to and its super cute.

He also has 4 new teeth (that all came in at the same time) on the top and Im pretty sure there are more coming but he won't let me get in there to look. He has added the word "yeah!" to his vocabulary so now we are up to 4 recognizable words. "mama" "dada" "what" and "yeah". He is such a good baby and so so so sweet!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


We spent this last weekend partying in Moab... and by "partying" I actually mean going to bed at 8:30 and taking lots of naps. We did have fun though! We went to Gemini Bridges, The Arches, Dead horse point, the river and of course, Moab Diner. Love. We love Moab. Yes it is full of weird hippies but thats kind of our style. We love the laid back nature of the town and we LOVE that there is always something fun to do (it also helped that it was super warm and we also LOVE the sun)
We camped in tents... played in and ate sand (Pep) and hiked and hiked and hiked. AnDee hiked all the way to Delicate Arch all by herself (with a very short (5 min) shoulder ride from mom)
and now for the  pics...
Gemini Bridges

 Dead horse point

 After a fall in the river AnDee ended up in a jacket with no pants
 Dave and Hunter playing a very serious game of fetch

 Betty watching Dave and Hunter playing a very serious game of fetch
 Delicate Arch
 He went from this....
 to this, in about .03 seconds
 Dave REALLY liked the arches??

 The giant sand hill we climbed

 See us all the way at the top?
 And the boy even got his very first sun burn! He apparently does not have his dads skin because that red on his little arms was brown the next day.