Friday, March 23, 2012

Her Fathers Child

Not only does my daughter look just like her dad (aside from the ONE blue eye she got from me, of course) But she apparently acquired his climbing skills as well. We took her to the sport mans Expo last weekend and she was obsessing over the climbing wall they had there so we thought we would let her give it a try. Im pretty sure she was THE ONLY two year old to attempt it and Im positive she is the only kid her age that climbed to the top of that thing (Ok... if I being honest she was like 4 feet from the top when she slipped) She can't stop talking about it. I guess we are going to have to try to get the the climbing gym more often from now on.
its an awful pic, I know
She also got to shoot a real bow.
And we got to see a baby bear and watch the dogs in the dock diving competition. AnDee says she is going to train hunter and enter him next year. I believe her.

So one of the neighbor boys got some little tiny baby goats and my parents are letting him keep them in their pasture, so of course my kids can't get enough of them. They are pretty darn cute though.


  1. OH I WAS SO EXCITED TO READ THIS AND SEE THIS POST!!!!!! I love that little chick of yours! And Pep is a STUD!

  2. AnDee is seriously the coolest kid ever. i don't think i've ever met any other little kid who would think of doing that!