Tuesday, October 25, 2011

10 things I love about my Buggy girl

1. You are very likely the most funny girl in the world
2. You are truly and genuinely sweet and if you can sense any sort of contention, it upsets you
3. You are too smart for your own good. Almost everyone who meets you for the first time thinks that you are at least 4 and it's not because you are big, it's because you have the vocabulary of a 17 year old
4. You have mad climbing skills. Papa is in the process of trying to figure out how to fix the hole you put in the roof of the two story playhouse.
5. You are fearless. Yesterday you got extremely mad at your dad for telling you you couldn't do a front flip off of a giant stack of wood in the backyard
6. Micheal Jackson has got nothing on your dance skills
7. You are so helpful. Most kids your age just make things harder but you honestly help, especially with your brother.
8. You love to make other people happy. When ever you see me get frustrated with something you always say "it's ok mom, just smile and you will be happy,"
9. Your favorite foods are fresh fruits and veggies. You love to go out and pick your own broccoli straight from the garden. Half the time you won't eat whatever I made for dinner cause you fill yourself up on broccoli and carrots. What more could a mother ask for?
10. You are my best friend. Nothing makes me more happy than hanging out with my girl.

Dear Pep Boy

Thanks for being the happiest most easy going baby ever! You make things so easy for your mom. I love everything about you. I love your ginormous cheeks that appear to be eating your eyes (especially when you smile, they all but disappear) I love how you curl your toes up when you get excited. I love how you slide on your face when you try to scoot. I love that your hair is constantly sticking straight up. I love that you ALWAYS have a smile for me. I love that even when you are waking up you have a huge grin on your face. I love how much you love your sister. I love that you full on laugh when we change your diaper or let you roll around naked. I love that you cuddle and that you are taking your time and letting me enjoy your babyness. I love your chewbacca noise. I especially love your kisses, even if they can be a little painful. There honestly isn't one thing that I don't absolutely adore about you. Thanks for letting me be your Mama!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fat Man

This little guy...

Isn't so little. Today at his 6 month appointment, he weighed in at 17.1 lbs and 27 inches. His sister was well over a year old before she weighed that much. He is the BEST baby. He has had thrush the last week or so. They put him on some meds for it that caused major stomach problems I felt so bad, you could just see that he was miserable but even with that he has been smiling and for the most part a happy kid. He tries so hard to just be pleasant and I am so grateful for how sweet he is. He is just starting to scoot.... which is again, a world apart form his sister who had been crawling for a month and was well on her way to walking at this age. Im so glad he is taking things slower though, not because I don't want to have to chase him but because it felt like AnDee went straight from infant to toddler... there was no baby stage for her, so I am enjoying every minute of baby with "Peppy boy" as his sister so lovingly refers to him. He is such a ball of goo and carries such an awesome, calm, sweet spirit with him. Im totally addicted to him.


We have painted pumpkins???

Carved pumpkins....

And eaten pumpkins??

Ok so it's a squash not a pumpkin but still... What a weirdo.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

She's a quick learner.

We were leaving Andrews parents house the other night, AnDee was half way to the car when she turned around and said "Gramma? You do me a favor?"
"you bet! What do you need?"
"um... You give me some money and I just take it home"
"how much do you need?"
"um... Ten"
(I swear I don't ask people to give me money as a favor that often. I don't know where she got it)

We were walking on the canal last week and Buggy was getting all excited about throwing rocks off the "ridge" so I stopped her and said "AnDee, say Bridge"
"no, ba-ba-ba Bridge!"
So she started "ba-ba-ba..." but then she walked up on a nice pile of dog doo doo. So it turned in to "ba-ba-ba Poop!"
Now everytime she learns a new word she starts with "ba-ba-ba" like "ba-ba-ba conference!"
It makes me giggle.

Peps hanging in there, despite the fact that his sister is so helpful (helping actually means hurting in most cases) but he has suffered no serious damage as of yet. He is getting fast hands and sticky fingers. He tries to snatch everything out of our hands that he can if he thinks it might be heading for our mouths. He loves food. Nothing makes him happier and so far he likes everything we have given him. Including pickles. He didn't even pull a funny face. He just looked up and stared longingly at the pickle. He's the best squishy baby ever!