Tuesday, October 25, 2011

10 things I love about my Buggy girl

1. You are very likely the most funny girl in the world
2. You are truly and genuinely sweet and if you can sense any sort of contention, it upsets you
3. You are too smart for your own good. Almost everyone who meets you for the first time thinks that you are at least 4 and it's not because you are big, it's because you have the vocabulary of a 17 year old
4. You have mad climbing skills. Papa is in the process of trying to figure out how to fix the hole you put in the roof of the two story playhouse.
5. You are fearless. Yesterday you got extremely mad at your dad for telling you you couldn't do a front flip off of a giant stack of wood in the backyard
6. Micheal Jackson has got nothing on your dance skills
7. You are so helpful. Most kids your age just make things harder but you honestly help, especially with your brother.
8. You love to make other people happy. When ever you see me get frustrated with something you always say "it's ok mom, just smile and you will be happy,"
9. Your favorite foods are fresh fruits and veggies. You love to go out and pick your own broccoli straight from the garden. Half the time you won't eat whatever I made for dinner cause you fill yourself up on broccoli and carrots. What more could a mother ask for?
10. You are my best friend. Nothing makes me more happy than hanging out with my girl.

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  1. just read both of your posts about your kiddlies. Seriously brought a tear to my eye. What a good mama you are. Lucky kids to have you, and what a lucky girl you are to have such sweet little ones. I'm so glad to know that you are truly enjoying this time of your life and not wishing it was going faster. xoxoxoxo