Wednesday, October 5, 2011

She's a quick learner.

We were leaving Andrews parents house the other night, AnDee was half way to the car when she turned around and said "Gramma? You do me a favor?"
"you bet! What do you need?"
"um... You give me some money and I just take it home"
"how much do you need?"
"um... Ten"
(I swear I don't ask people to give me money as a favor that often. I don't know where she got it)

We were walking on the canal last week and Buggy was getting all excited about throwing rocks off the "ridge" so I stopped her and said "AnDee, say Bridge"
"no, ba-ba-ba Bridge!"
So she started "ba-ba-ba..." but then she walked up on a nice pile of dog doo doo. So it turned in to "ba-ba-ba Poop!"
Now everytime she learns a new word she starts with "ba-ba-ba" like "ba-ba-ba conference!"
It makes me giggle.

Peps hanging in there, despite the fact that his sister is so helpful (helping actually means hurting in most cases) but he has suffered no serious damage as of yet. He is getting fast hands and sticky fingers. He tries to snatch everything out of our hands that he can if he thinks it might be heading for our mouths. He loves food. Nothing makes him happier and so far he likes everything we have given him. Including pickles. He didn't even pull a funny face. He just looked up and stared longingly at the pickle. He's the best squishy baby ever!

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  1. Man! Next time tell her to ask for a twenty...or perhaps more. This child may be the key to your wealth!! ;)