Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Greatest Place on Earth

Since I was 3 years old my family has taken a trip up to Flaming Gorge every year. Until the last two years this trip was held over the 4th of July but since we are all older now, with children of our own ( Which also means cousins for our children to play with) we have recently decided to push it back a week or so to avoid crowds.
This place is my idea of what heaven will be like :) A large majority of my best memories from growing up happened there. Every year when we go back its like going home. Its comfortable and safe and has a feeling about it that could never be replaced. I am truly at peace and in a state of totally happiness when I am there.
I will admit though that every year gets just a little harder. Now with two kids and one being an infant this year was a little more of a challenge. AnDee was a mad women climbing everything, trying to drive the four wheelers by herself, playing in mud puddles and picking wild flowers. She was an angel the entire time though. So happy, so easy to please.
We did lots of fishing (which with 13 kids and only about 4 adults who actually know how to fish...was quite overwhelming at times) we hiked, we swam, we rode 4-wheelers and motorcycles, we sat by camp fires and roasted marshmallows, we slept in trailers and tents. Speaking of sleep... I love that my kids are amazing and sleep all night, even when camping. It was 100% fun, 100% of the time. And! as a bonus, AnDee and Pep's Uncle Dyl came with us. *sigh* I want to go back. No seriously... I would live there if I could.
When we went for a hike to Taylor mountain lookout, AnDee decided she was a big kid and was going to hike the whole thing. She just about did too. She probably made 2 1/2-3 miles (uphill) before she finally got on someones shoulders... where she fell asleep within minutes. (note to self: nap time is not a great time for a hike)
So here are an overwhelming amount of pictures. Enjoy?
The first catch of the trip

 Im pretty sure she is reeling in a marlin. look how intense she is!
 This is what Pep and I looked like most of the trip
 Fishin buddies

 Papa teaching Billy the ways of fishing
 Hiking to Taylor mountain look out
 Dyl looking super intelligent in this giant rock chair
 Climbing up the look out tower
 The happy family
 Amber being overly excited about the purple pinecones she got her dad to climb up the tree and get for her. Spoiled. :)
(if you look really closely you can see my dad in the trees. cracks me up) 
 Being a good aunt and holding the baby while his mom plays. Thanks Amber!
 He slightly resembles and old man who has decided to retire on the beach in florida
 Buggy eating her first smore. It was all over in her hair and on her face but her dad cleaned most of it up before I could get the picture taken.
 The growly bear (no seriously, he growls a lot) We called this little bear suit "the sleep chamber" cause every time we put him in it he crashed.

What a blast. Cant wait until next year!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Words of Buggy

Buggy likes to tell is "I not kiddin you!" when she is angry. As if there is some horrible consequence she has in store for us.
A few days ago our friend Mel stopped by with her new baby. AnDee walked up, looked in th car seat at the tiny little guy and said "aawwww! What's your Peps name?" apparently pep and baby mean the same thing?
Last week when she woke up in the morning she was sitting on the couch and I was on the floor with Pep. "mommy!" she said... Extremily forcefully I might add "put pep down and hold me!"
While we were camping my Sister asked AnDee if she was going to go on a mission when she grew up. Buggy responded with this... Let me just add that we have never had any conversation even similar to this and this answer was completely her own. I have no idea where it came from... "yup! I go on mission and teach people bout Jesus and the church!"
Also while we were camping she kept running around camp yelling "it's a wonderful day! It's a wonderful day!" camping definitely was wonderful. You'll get a post on that later.
This kid just kills me. She so funny, so cute and SO smart!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

July 4th

Im always trying to catch up on my blog. I hate that Im always behind because by the time I get around to posting I have forgotten half of what I wanted to post about. Im such a slacker. anyway...
The 4th is always a blast. Hands down my favorite holiday. I love the summer fun. The hot (sometimes too hot?) weather, the summer food, the warm nights that are perfect for fireworks. I love the family getting together and cousins running crazy all over the yard. Its just so much fun! We tend to celebrate (as of the last few years since we have been pushing back our Flaming Gorge trip) The 4th at my parents house with my family, mostly because its my Dads birthday. Thats right, he is a "yanky doodle dandy" as my mom would say. Whatever that means...
AnDee tried to pretend that she was really excited about the fireworks. We sit on the front porch and light our own until the big ones at the junior high start. She didnt mind our own little personal firework show. Her and her cousin Felicity ran around all hopped up on sugar whilst Uncle Lance tried to light cars, himself and fireworks on fire. Sadly the fun came to a halt when the big firework show started. AnDee ended up hiding under her blanket on her dads lap and within minutes they were both asleep. As for Pep? Wide awake. Im pretty sure that was the best night of his little 3 month long life. He was totally fascinated by the fireworks. Good times.

I didnt even get a picture of my dad on his birthday. Im so lame.

Friday, July 8, 2011

No longer a baby

Although it pains me to say it, Buggy is officially no longer a baby. This makes me want to cry a little (ok maybe a lot?) but at the same time I love it. I love watching her become a kid. I love watching her pretend to sell "pies" (a plate full of woodchips) to her friends in exchange for "money" (grass). I love it when she calls her cousins "annoying" (which, let's be honest, they can get a little annoying). I love it when she sings "a big fat lady sat upon my hat!!" at the top of her lungs. ( I love it when she sings anything but that one especially makes me laugh). I love it when she flashes her dazzling smile and says "sorry mom" because she thinks that if she says sorry, she can do whatever she wants. I love it when she kisses Pep and says "oh, you're ok little fat man". I love her mad rock climbing skills and how she can blow up a balloon by herself (how she acquired this kind of lung capacity, I have no idea). I love it when she bosses our dogs around and they actually listen. I love it when she tells her dad that it's her turn to drive the car. I love it when she hugs me and says "oh! I love you SOOO much!" and i love that when i say "i love you more" she says "i love you most!" I love all the little things she is learning although... Some of them I only love because it's her doing it. I don't actually always love the act itself.