Wednesday, July 20, 2011

July 4th

Im always trying to catch up on my blog. I hate that Im always behind because by the time I get around to posting I have forgotten half of what I wanted to post about. Im such a slacker. anyway...
The 4th is always a blast. Hands down my favorite holiday. I love the summer fun. The hot (sometimes too hot?) weather, the summer food, the warm nights that are perfect for fireworks. I love the family getting together and cousins running crazy all over the yard. Its just so much fun! We tend to celebrate (as of the last few years since we have been pushing back our Flaming Gorge trip) The 4th at my parents house with my family, mostly because its my Dads birthday. Thats right, he is a "yanky doodle dandy" as my mom would say. Whatever that means...
AnDee tried to pretend that she was really excited about the fireworks. We sit on the front porch and light our own until the big ones at the junior high start. She didnt mind our own little personal firework show. Her and her cousin Felicity ran around all hopped up on sugar whilst Uncle Lance tried to light cars, himself and fireworks on fire. Sadly the fun came to a halt when the big firework show started. AnDee ended up hiding under her blanket on her dads lap and within minutes they were both asleep. As for Pep? Wide awake. Im pretty sure that was the best night of his little 3 month long life. He was totally fascinated by the fireworks. Good times.

I didnt even get a picture of my dad on his birthday. Im so lame.

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  1. Hahaha! Looks pretty awesome. Poor AnDee, those fireworks are loud :)