Friday, June 10, 2016

Sometimes When Your Turning 7...

Sometimes when your seventh birthday is coming up an you tell your dad that you want to go camping for your birthday, he takes you to Montana.
Andrew had a trip to Montana to go fly fishing with a friend all planned. The plan was that he would return home on May 30th (AnDee's birthday) But when she told him that what she wanted for her birthday was to go camping and fishing, we figured, why not take the whole family? So we did! And we liked it!
We spent most of our time just exploring. Despite what the locals were all telling us, no one got eaten by a bear. In fact, we never even saw a bear. It was terribly disappointing but that couldn't keep us down because Montana, especially the western end, is incredibly beautiful.

 We stayed for about 5 days and then headed home but we couldn't make the entire trip without having a few breaks and what is a pitstop without a little fishing?

When we made it home, the girl was spoiled by her grandparents. She got this intense new scooter from Grandma and Grandpa
On the Cowley side it is tradition for Nanny and Poppy to take each kid out on their birthday to get dinner and let them pick out their own gift. This tradition generally starts at age 5 but since we have been in Illinois for AnDee's last 2 birthdays, this was her first time. She was in heaven! Bet you can't guess what Nanny and Poppy got her...
And even though it was a day late, mom made her the cake she requested (chocolate with banana pudding in the middle and white frosting with strawberries cut like roses)

This girl... I can't even. Honestly, I have no way to tell you how amazing she is. She is essentially the perfect child and Im not being sarcastic in the least. She is sweet and considerate and helpful. She loves her brothers (even when they aren't the nicest) and is her Mama's bff. She is a daddies girl and an animal whisperer. She is strong and athletic (incredibly so) and yet she is not afraid to be girly and gentle. Simply put, she is amazing and I couldn't be any more proud of her.