Saturday, May 14, 2016

Sometimes I feel like writing. Sometimes I don't. I haven't in a very very long time. That is why I keep posting posts such as this. A mess of things that are important and should be remembered in detail but all they get is a little picture and a sentence or two if Im feeling generous. I sure wish I could snap out of this but until I do...

Somehow I missed this and Im not sure how but last month this happened..
 We hatched our own little baby ducks. We had 12 eggs and 11 of them hatched. 11! And they just keep getting bigger!
What? you don't bathe with ducklings? Weird.

 They are now almost full sized ducks with full sized duck voices instead of little cheeps.

We also got new bunnies.

The weather is definitely warming up so our snake friends have come out to play. Yay??

What makes the warm weather even better is that warm weather equals fishing!!

 Also... 60 degrees is naked weather, right?

We spent a day or two helping clean up Granma Naugle's yard, which we  couldn't complain about cause, you know, fire.
 They are awesome little workers.
 The poor dogs got all tuckered out while working on the yard so they snuggled up and took a nap together. Sweet, right?

We celebrated Andrew's birthday... well... sort of. Andrew was up at a wood badge training so we didn't get to actually party on his birthday but  we did make him a giant ball of rice crispy treats, which was all he asked for.

However, last week my amazing parents watched our kids for a couple of nights so Andrew and I could go down to St. George together.... alone... no kids... for the second time since we had AnDee! We called it a happy birthday/Mothers day trip.  It was super fun. On the way down we took a detour to Panquitch lake. Holy guacamole that place was gorgeous! But still a little cold..
And unfortunately for us, the fishing wasn't great.
However, we made up for the bad fishing when we got down to St. George and spent a couple of days  (or hours really) fishing Quail Creek. 
It was a blast just hanging out together, doing something we both love and being able to just talk and not stress about the kids' poles or keeping them fed and entertained. That being said, we missed them terribly. Our kids are the coolest.