Thursday, March 29, 2012

CAUTION! Graphic Image.

AnDee's baby "cheep cheeps" hatched last weekend. It was so fun to watch and to watch her watch. She was SOOO excited. Now I can't get her to leave them alone. Poor little things. They  are so tiny (quail) I don't know if they are going to be able to hold up to her "love".
We took some pics of them hatching. You may or may not find these pics really gross... viewers discretion is advised.

Not the cutest thing in the whole world is it?
Don't worry, once the goo dries up they get a little cuter.

In other news...

Pep loves him some corn!
He is a full fledged walker now and has added a couple words to his vocabulary (uh oh and Gayle) he answers "yeah!" to just about every question and on very rare occasions blows kisses

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  1. Eddie got all excited when he saw these pictures! He wants to come visit your chicks :) (what a goof) The eggs are extra cool looking, I would have been tempted to boil them for Easter eggs :) Your two little ones are so dang cute. Love that Peps first words include "Gayle" what better first word is there than that? xoxoxoxoxo