Wednesday, April 4, 2012

We love SUN!

Last weekend was wonderful. We rode horses (Peps first time) and four wheelers. We flew kites and dug up a million worms to feed to the chickens. (AnDee now has one chicken that follows her around the yard, will eat out of her hands and will let her pet it. She's pretty much like the chicken whisperer) and BBQ'ed. SO MUCH FUN.  And we all came home with sun burns. Which was brown the next day for some of us (Me and Pep) and is STILL red for others (Dad and Buggy)

 Below are a couple of shots of Peps new hobby. He throws anything and everything he can find on the floor, in with the cheep cheeps. I have found all sort of treasures in there. He has a new word "hi!" and he is getting more teeth.... boo.

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