Monday, March 7, 2011


Andrew and I took a concealed weapons class on Saturday to receive our concealed weapons license. Thats right, I am now packing. ;) In all actuality I have no intentions of carrying a gun, ever. Andrew thought it would be a good idea though with all the laws they have changed and are trying to change about owning guns. So we are sitting it this class for 3 hours and Im dying! Im bored, I hurt,  Im hungry and I have to pee every 10 minutes. To top things off, we had some real creepers in the class. One of which wore a loaded hand gun shoved down his pants in to the class. Anyway...The instructor starts talking about the ins and outs of actually carrying a concealed hand gun and one of the real weirdos pipes up and asks.... "If someone breaks in to my house and I pull my gun on him and he gets scared and runs away... will I be in trouble if I shoot him in the back?" uh.... WHAT?!!!! why would you shoot someone in the back while they are running away? Can I leave now? I feel like Im in grave danger sitting in this classroom right now. Seriously! What is wrong with people?! And why are we giving creepers like that licenses to carry a loaded hand gun?! Not only carry a loaded hand gun but SECRETLY carry a loaded hand gun. Yikes!
Anyway.... That was a joyous way to spend way too much of my Saturday.
On a happier note... Its been a little warmer lately and so we have spent lots of time OUTSIDE!!! We love outside! AnDee has become the goat queen (Proud moment????) She can call her goats and they actually come when she calls. They love her, they run and play and chase each other all over the place. Odd... but cute. We cant wait for this storm to pass so we can get back outside in the sunshine!


  1. uuuhhhhh your story makes me feel nervous......maybe the class should be like a "sifter" to sift through all the homocidal maniacs who are too dumb and unstable to carry a loaded weapon? I think that guy should have failed.
    GOATS: Im still giggling over that one!! SO CUTE! TOO CUTE in fact!!! :)

  2. hahahaha!! Oh, man, that's a good story! LOL!! I'll have to share that one with Tony. :) hahahaha!! Thanks for the good laugh. :)