Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dad got Buggy a present

Well... actually two presents.

spoiled much? Mom has mixed feelings about the whole thing. Most of you know that I love animals and these little guys are so stinking cute! But they have to be bottle fed and will continue needing to be bottle fed until after I have the baby. Im pretty sure Andrew will be on his own with the feedings at that point. In the mean time, Ill enjoy their cuteness and continue to dress them to match AnDee? Its a coincidence I promise.


  1. ooo!! OOO!! Can I come see!?! Well, maybe one day? they are darling. And AnDee looks thrilled to have them :)

  2. ah! those are so adorable! and i think she should intentionally match them to andee :)

  3. Oh my gosh i am laughing soooooo hard i am crying!!!! Seriously, my gut hurts!!! Only you guys would get goats for a present for your daughter!!!!! I think those are 2 of the cutest animals i have ever seen!!! I am still laughing though, cant type well! SOOOOO FREAKING CUTE! I am giddy over them. What are their names?