Thursday, March 31, 2011

some tidbits

Apparently this is the new hip way to sit in the high chair. This is how she sits every time now.

AnDee's new favorite word: "Problem"
Example: "Mama, this is a probom"

AnDee's current favorite color: yellow
it doesn't matter what you point to or what color it is, if you ask AnDee Lew she will tell you it "Lellelow"
She always adds extra 'L's' to words that have 'L' in them. And I of course think it the cutest thing ever.

Today the goats were doing some highly inappropriate things. Fortunately for me, children are innocent. "look mama!" she said "They're dancing!!"

She is really beginning to love soccer (Yes!!!!!) she always tells me that "Dada and Dave are gonna play socca game".  She even watches it on t.v. with us. :)

She recently suffered a couple of injuries to her left leg and foot. This causes her to walk exactly like Igor.

I sure do love my girl. My biggest fear about having this baby is having to spend 2 whole nights in the hospital without her. Makes me wanna cry just thinking about it.


  1. don't worry about the hospital. enjoy your two last nights of rest. she'll be well taken care of.

    she sure is getting big! and cute!

  2. That was the worst part for me!!! Get face time, that helped us and Presley to be able to talk face to face and i could SEE she was okay!!! And then give her lots and lots of attention when you get back! I also left a few presents a day for presley so she felt spoiled while we were gone!

  3. Carson does the same thing with yellow. Everything is "lellelow!"