Monday, June 13, 2011

On a happier note...

After all the sickness and weird eye infections and junk... 

and after I got caught up with the laundry and cleaning (well kind of, I still had about 3 more loads after all this)

 we did have a much happier birthday party for the Bug. She got a trampoline for her birthday (insanely spoiled) so we filled it with balloons and let the kids go crazy in it. Of course the older kids were destructive and popped all the balloons in a matter of minutes. Fortunately we saw this coming and made sure we got Buggy in first and took some pictures.

We were only missing 3 of AnDee's cousins at the party. Even her cousins and Aunts and Uncles that live in Logan made it down!
We let all the kids make and launch bottle rockets. It was a blast and I think everyone had fun. I know AnDee did. (thank you uncle Caleb for helping launch all the rockets about 300 times. Seriously... Hours of launching)

I love this picture because of AnDee's hilarious cousin Jonas sitting with his legs crossed in the lawn chair.. the kid cracks me up.

This is AnDee's rocket that her and Uncle Stevie made.

 She has started this thing where she cant just look normal i pics. She has to pose for everything

Notice Stevie's forehead. He hit himself with a fence post pounder. Thats right boys and girls, I said he hut HIMSELF in the head with a post pounder.

We had airplane and helicopter cupcakes for desert and Buggy got her own giant cupcake... which she licked all the frosting off of and ate none of the cake part... Of course.

She was spoiled by her friends and family at present time and her cousins and friends made sure to show her exactly how the presents they picked out for her worked ;)

It was a super fun day, We are so lucky to have such awesome friends and family to share it with!!!


  1. Yay!! Happy birthday AnDee!! (and thanks for the stuff on Stevie. Haha. Those are the little tidbits of information that make me happy and I don't get while in Iowa :))

  2. AnDee has the coolest parents! She looked insanely happy in her new tramp! Best investment a parent can make! xoxoxo