Wednesday, June 22, 2011

trying to catch up.... again

I really struggle with the blogging thing. There is SO much I should be posting about and yet, by the time I get around to it... I have forgotten most of what I was going to talk about. So we will just start with what I do remember...
Pep's  8 week stats: ( yes, this was 2 weeks ago.)
23 1/2 inch tall-75th percentile
12.4 lbs-25th percentile
And I'm not sure how big his head is, I just know it's in the 50th percentile

We feel like he is huge cause he is growing so much faster than Buggy did but in all actuality he is pretty normal. We are working on getting his reflux under control but even with his food constantly coming up his throat he is still such a sweet and mellow baby. When he doesn't feel good he just puts himself to sleep. It's like he knows he doesn't have to deal with it when he is asleep. Speaking of sleep. He has been sleeping 8-8 1/2 hours straight at night for the last few weeks. He sleeps until about 6-6:30 in the morning and then eats and goes back to sleep for a couple hours. He is awesome! He is super super smiley and is starting to really figure out his voice. He makes all sorts if noises these days and loves to stand up. He thinks he's a real hot shot when he stands. He also loves to have the sun in his face. If he's crying... All we have to do is stick him in the sunshine so it's blaring right on his face and he's happy. He must have got that from me :) The poor kid is so easy going and quiet that he is easily forgotten. His sister tends to still the show. Our camera is full of pictures of AnDee with only a few of Pep. But my phone is full of pictures of Pep so I guess its even?
I just love holding this little guy. It not like it was with Buggy, where I just held her all day every day. Its actually a little difficult to find the time to just sit and hold him. So when I do... I cherish every second of it. He is such a cuddly baby and just a little lump. He is just fun to have in your arms. Im so blessed to be his Mom and I ADORE him!

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