Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Strawberry Days!!!

We kicked of Strawberry Days on Friday When we took Buggy to Huck Finn Day. It was a BLAST! We started off with a little fishing and Buggy caught her very first fish! She even reeled it in! She was SOOO proud of this enormous catch! She had to tell everyone about it!

We got a little overwhelmed with the amount of people at the fishing pond so we headed over to see what other fun things we could do. Buggy got her face painted by one of the Miss Pleasant Grove royalty. (Oooolala) She got to play in the bounce house and we went down the bouncy slide. We saw all sorts of cute animals and she got a few prizes and a balloon!!

 This is how she was looking at the girl the entire time she was painting her face. I love my kid...

At the end before they drained the fishing pond they let all the kids get in and try to catch the fish with their hands. Of course the water was ICE cold and of course I couldn't get AnDee out of it. By far her favorite part of the day.


  1. Ah, I miss Strawberry Days!! That looks like so much fun!!

  2. I want to see you! I am coming to utah at some point and I want to get together...I don't have your email or number so email me your stuffs. My email is