Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ride 'em Cowboy!

AnDee had a blast at the rodeo! She loved all the animals, the little kids mutton bustin, the rodeo barbies with their pink chaps and bouncy hair and the super crazy cowboys on the crazy horses. She spent most of her time in the isle dancing and clapping. Pep on the other hand spent most of his time being irritated by all the noise. So Pep and I spent some time back behind the bleachers watching all the young fellows dressed up, pretending they actually knew something about being a "cowboy" and all the the young women in their questionable and mostly inappropriate clothing. Im not quite sure why the rodeo draws such dress? Im not amused by it, to say the least.
What I was impressed with?....

Andrew and I definitely do not dress the part but AnDee sure did... with her Gramma Naugle's help of course. Complete with wranglers and John Deer boots our little princess looked like she was born to barrel race! We might just have to try out the mutton bustin next year. With a get up like that she has a lot to live up to!
Lets not forget her brother.... he wasnt quite as happy about playing dress up but he was sporting the wranglers and pearl snaps like a champ!

Lets face it... He would have been all smiles if he was in a Barcelona jersey instead. The kid has no choice but to be a soccer player. He does carry the names of two of the best players ever to play the game, after all. No pressure. But it was fun to torture him a little. 
Oh... and of course we all enjoyed our strawberries and cream that we wait ALL year for. Yum!


  1. The rodeo drawing scantally clad women always confused me too. Your around animal droppings, in the dessert at night...lets go in almost nothing!! :) AnDee is a darling little cowgirl, and Pep is darling too, even if he's not happy about it... :) I can't wait to see you guys. Hey, I need to give you a call and see what classes Andrew is taking and I can bring some of the books Tony has so then you can have them for free :) Because we are not going to do anything with them.

  2. I bet Gramma Naugle had a blast buying those darling clothes for your kids :) They looked so cute *heart heart* I'm not a big rodeo fan because of the questionable people that attend them :) and because they play that awful country crap throughout the whole night- but if I could look as cute as AnDee looks, maybe I'd go more often :)xoxoxoxo