Sunday, June 26, 2011

We bought a trailer yesterday. We are all super excited to go camping!! I'm not a real fan of trailers myself. I'd rather tent it, but with babies it makes things easier. I especially like this one because it's toy hauler so the back opens completely and we have a screen that zips down over the opening so it's tent-like :)
Anyway.... I told you that to tell you this... AnDee fell asleep in the truck on our way to Spanish Fork to get the trailer. She woke up as soon as we arrived. When she wakes up her eyes always pop open and she instantly gets busy being awake. So her eyes pop open and she starts in stuttering (which she does sometimes. I think it worries her dad but I just find it completely adorable) "I I I I ... Um...Walmart scares me!"
You and I both, my dear. You and I both.


  1. oh my gosh i love her. she is a genius! you've clearly already taught her everything she needs to know :)

  2. That is so awesome!!! You should watch the People of Walmart music video on Youtube - or the actual People of Walmart site. It will change your life. Not really, but it's very amusing/disgusting.

  3. If Disneyland is my happiest place on earth- Walmart is it's nemisis. My least happiest place on the planet. That girl of yours is very observant :) Congrats on the new trailer, you spoiled girl you :) You'll love it! xoxoxo