Thursday, May 19, 2011

Today we drove past a big truck pulling one of those tuff shed things that looked like a barn "look mama!" bug said "a pig house!!"

A couple of weeks ago I FINALLY got Buggy on camera singing the alphabet all the way through. She has been able to do it with out any mistakes for a few months now but every time I got the camera out she would pretend she didn't know it. One day I will post the video... if I ever get around to it ( I have no brain lately)

Pep and Bug's "Uncle Dyl" returned home from his mission last Tuesday. Dyl is a BLAST and is full of energy. So when he came over to see us for the first time he blew through the door screaming with excitement and scooped in me up in a big hug... That sufficiently scared the holy guacamole out of AnDee. She was literally shaking for 10 minutes... That was after she screamed and cried for about 5 minutes. I'm pretty sure her first impression of him was him screaming through her door and attacking her mom. I think it about broke Dylans heart. He left on his mission about 3 weeks before AnDee was born. He had been waiting 2 years to meet her and after the attack on her mom, she wouldn't even look at him. They are starting with baby steps though and she is warming up to him.

(Ill explain her lovely eye make up in another post)

AnDee and Pep have become best friends. He watches her like crazy and she can almost always get a smile out of him. She is SUPER protective of him and even stands guard and makes sure people wash their hands before they touch him. One of her favorite things to do is to hold her "baby brudder"and she LOVES to show him off to just about everyone she sees.

He is such a chill baby, which is exactly what I was praying for for nine months. I don't know if I could keep up with his crazy sister if he wasn't so patient. 

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  1. Pig house, that is hilarious! That's kinda sad about her first impression of her uncle, but I bet my little bro will greet me the same way. Good to know so that I can have someone make sure it doesn't happen in front of Katelyn. :)

    I love that they are best friends, they are seriously two adorable little kids! I'm excited to read about the mischief they'll get into later, especially because I'm sure it will be AnDee convincing him that they aren't bad things or that mommy and daddy won't be mad.