Friday, May 20, 2011

"look mommy! Beautiful!"

So we had a bunch of friends over last weekend just hanging out and playing games. AnDee was lucky enough to have this little doll come to play too!

We were out talking and playing games and the girls were in the back playing. Buggy came walking up behind me saying "Look mommy! Beautiful!" over and over again until she finally got my full attention. What was beautiful? Her eye make up of course! She had taken a blue marker and drawn one line  vertically down her right eyelid. No big deal right? Its washable. So i told her to put the markers away. She of course said she would and went on her way.... only to come back a few minutes later looking like this....

 and from this photo you can see how brilliant she thought this was...

 Uncle Dave wanted "pretties" too so Buggy gave him some blue make up too. Lucky for him it didn't really work 

I say 'lucky for him' because when I went to wash it off the washable markers weren't all that washable. She had pink pot smoker eyes for a few days. To top it off she went to a carnival type party for Andrews work the next day and had a blue snow come that stained her mouth and and a good portion of her face blue. she was happy about that too.

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  1. Hahaha!! That is some pretty awesome makeup!! She needs to get into the business ;)