Friday, September 21, 2012

Things I missed

Here is a little compilation of things that I have missed out on blogging lately.
Onion Days:
We not only did the parade but we even did the carnival! Dad hates the carnival so this was a special treat.

 Waving at the pretty girls.
Pep was not please with the cheerleaders... cant say that I blame him.

 Pep helped Dad fix a broken sprinkler head. It had been broken and leaking since before we moved in... He smelled REALLY good after digging in it for a while

Please dont look at me. Please please dont look at me. Im a planet already and Im not even quite half way there. Im all squishy and gross.. but look how cute my kids are! I sacrifice my body to produce cute kids. We hiked up to this little trickle of a waterfall up Payson Canyon on our anniversary. It was the perfect hike for the kids. Both of them walked the whole thing.

Oh yeah... remember that one time when Andrew had brain surgery? ... That was pretty neat.

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  1. your kids crack me up.
    and i'm so glad the brain surgery is over and all is good! i'm sure you are, too. :)