Friday, September 21, 2012

The long awaited house post

Here it is, our house
you dont get a pic of the front yard because I HATE it. I will however post before and after pics of it when there are after pics to be had, until then.. we will start with our back yard.

 The back looking to the house

 the house looking back
 The sheds and RV parking
 Living room, the furniture is not in order.. Andrew has been sleeping on a chair so that he can sit up a little better so we moved things around to accommodate.
 looking in from front door
 more living room. Um... still havent hung the pictures. My life has been crazy ok? lay off me
 Pep's room
 Master. Im embarrassed but as you can see, Pep has permanent residence in our room and there is no sense in making the bed or cleaning up. Between Andrew being knocked out most of the time and the children napping... its almost always in use.
 master bath
master bath
 Buggy's room. Eventually we will get in painted. Pink purple and yellow... naturally

The kiddo's bathroom
 The weird little nook area in the basement. Eventually I want it to be a craft/sewing room
The really clean toy room, complete with broken bookshelf that is laying on its side until we can fix it. This pic is actually only about half of the room, but you get the idea.

I am missing pics of one bedroom that is full of unpacked boxes and camping gear, one bathroom that is never used and gross, the laundry room and the storage room, but those are boring rooms anyway.
I love my house. I LOVE the windows and I LOVE LOVE the backyard! One day we will get all the pics hung and the walls painted and things the way we want them... maybe... then again... we might be moving in a few months... Ill have to get back to you on that one.

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  1. Holy backyard!! Awesome! You have been a busy blogger today! I love it. I love your house and want to come over right now. I will help paint. And what's this about moving. You can't leave cliffhangers on a blog, you know. That is unacceptable ;)