Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Elder Stephen Naugle

Well... There are officially 2 Naugle brothers serving missions in Brazil now!
AnDee Loves her Uncle Stevie and as you will see from some of the pics that Im going to post, She was not pleased with his leaving. I think she is starting to think that Brazil just takes people and you never get to see them again once it gets a hold of them. I told her that if she gave Stevie to Brazil, Brazil would have to give Jake back. She has asked me multiple times why Jake isnt back yet. I think she is starting to give up hope.
Stevie was 10 years old when Andrew and I started dating. It is so crazy to think about how little he was. He has always been extremely easy to get along with. I really dont think I have ever had any sort confrontation with him at all. He's always mellow and is never in a hurry. The kid knows how to work though and has an awesome testimony. I have no doubt he is going to be an awesome missionary.
Dont worry, AnDee raided his bedroom as soon as he was out the door. She didnt really take anything but she did hide his ipad from Grandma Naugle (My kid is the coolest)
We didn't go to the airport when he left. We decided it would be easier on us if we just said goodbye from Grandma's house, especially since it was right during nap time. I did however, send my camera up with Pam so we got a few airport pics.
So here are an insane amount of pictures from the big day.
 OK.... so I dont have any shoes on and my husband looks amazing. But everything else looks good right... oh, except the fact that you get the feeling that my daughter just had the most evil thought ever. And yes.... Andrew looked exactly like that in every group picture we took.

 At least Stevie was happy in this one?? This is where AnDee lost it a little. She realized that he was getting in the car and soon Brazil would take him and never give him back.

 So this is the companion he flew with and Im pretty sure they are buddies in the CTM (or mtc as we know it) now
And there he goes! Off to start some serious adventures! We are so excited and proud of him!


  1. These pictures are awesome! What a cute boy that Stevie is. I don't think I ever really realized how much he looks like his brothers~ they have that same smile. The picture of him hugging Grandma Elder is a killer though~ he loves that lady and is so good and patient with her <3. Thanks for letting us live these moments through your blog. (I think Sierra and AnDee believe the same thing~ Brazil takes them, then they wonder if they'll ever come back :D)xoxoxo

  2. That picture of AnDee made me tear up! So, so sweet. I sure like that Elder Naugle :) And Andrew looks fine. A little stiff, but fine ;)