Tuesday, September 4, 2012

bits and pieces

This is a post of a little of this and a little of that. Some pre-move and some post.
Preface: My parents yard has a lot of snakes in the summer. Andrews parents yard has just as many or more. Now don't get me wrong, Im not a fan of snakes. They are a little creepy and have made me jump and squeal a little a few times in my life but these are just little water snakes. They don't bite and are really quite docile. The worst thing they do is stink. (seriously, they smell SO bad) But my mother in law has quite a different opinion. Her word are that they are "evil. pure evil" and she tends to freak out a little.. ok more than a little when she see's one.
This has scared my daughter. "Terrified" would be a good word to describe her feelings toward them. We have bee working on getting over that fear all summer and guess what?...
Poppy got her to hold one! This has never been a problem for Pep. He is all boy and thinks they are great.

As we all know by now, AnDee is a climber. She has mastered my parents apricot tree. Well.. she has mastered the up part. She has been banned from climbing up the right side of the tree because she climbs all the way to the top (and I mean ALL the way, like there is no more tree to climb) and then cant figure out how to get down on her own so guess who gets to climb up and help her? oh.. yup, that would be me. But she can go up and down the left side all by herself (mostly because she can only get about half way up) She is no longer satisfied with this. She wants to go higher but for now she will just have to deal with the boring left side.

Ever turn the tub on and walk out of the room to grab something? Well Im a bad mom and tend to do it, and this is what happens when I do.

Fully clothed children in the tub, thats what happens

I finally let go of my fears of bad vacuuming and let AnDee vacuum the whole living room all by herself. She did a surprisingly good job, (I only redid some of it) and with such style too!

And after all the vacuuming we had to take a break outside of course. We ended up playing in the nasty grey water. The kids thought it was great though and Pep only drank a little so... all in all it was a good time.
P.S. apparently playing in water ALWAYS requires sticking your bottom in it.

This morning was a little rough on all of us. Uncle Stevie left for Brazil today (Mission). It was a little emotional. AnDee doesn't really get it. All she knew was that she wasn't very happy about it. We will devote a post to this later. Stayed tuned for that as well as Onion Days pics! 

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  1. That apricot tree was the best climbing tree! And the best hammock tree, and the best apricot tree, fort, and all the other stuff it was. :)