Wednesday, August 29, 2012

It was only rough for me. AnDee thought it was great. She woke up an hour early this morning because she was SO excited she couldn't sleep anymore. Christmas??? No. Preschool!! The girl has been dying to go to preschool and it finally happened today. We walked there together, she walked right in the door and in to her room and didn't even look back. Me? Oh I made it ALL the way down the stairs before I burst in to tears, buckled Pep in to the stroller and walked away as fast as I could so the other more emotionally stable parents couldn't see what a wreck I was. I decided to walk it off and it only took me another half hour or so to get myself under control. Im happy for her. She is ecstatic and I love that, it just terrifies me that she is old enough to do things like that on her own. She is only 3 so we will have two years of preschool. Im sure I will be writing a similar post when she goes to kindergarten. Its just so darn hard to let her grow up! ;)
Here she is all ready for her very first day of school (and of course Pep too cause he has to do everything sissy does... even wear one of her shoes?)

When I went to pick her up, I of course asked her what she did while she was at school. These were her words (and I quote) "Um... we just watched a movie and played and I didn't learn nothin"

Now on to something that doesn't make me want to cry. We have been doing a lot of yard work lately. Trying to get things greened back up and in order for next spring. Pep wants to do EVERYTHING Daddy is doing. Daddy's solution to this? Put him on his shoulders. He has done everything from fix the sprinkler heads to tilling the garden on Dads shoulders and he is quite content to stay up there for as long as the job takes. He loves it... not quite as much as driving the riding lawn mower but its still love regardless.
 Yes... Buggy is following them with no pants on, the girl has this weird no pants policy. I hope she grows out of it.
Look at how that boy just wraps himself around his dads head and hangs on.... like a champ.

We have had a ton of rainbows here lately. This is probably the best thing since ice cream in Buggy's world. She is such a little hippie... dancing around and singing awesome songs about rainbows.... all with no pants on. Love her. I too have enjoyed the rainbows. So pretty and such a good opportunity for teaching about Heavenly Father's promises and of course Noah and the Ark.  

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  1. hahaha!! That's a pretty good dad to let him ride on his shoulders while he's working. And don't worry. It gets better. I didn't cry when Emma went. But I think that was because I was so excited to have only one kid to watch, and that she wouldn't be bored with just me teaching her any more :)