Friday, October 5, 2012

Maybe its Weird...

Maybe its really weird... I dont know, but we like to take walks in the cemetery. Its quiet, the kids can run and I dont have to worry about cars, and they find all sorts of treasures ( Pine cones, chest nuts, sticks, rocks) Although I do have a rule that they are not allowed to walk on the grass by the headstones... It weirds me out thinking about walking where people are buried.

We have been obsessed with bugs lately, grasshoppers, lady bugs, potato bugs... and worms! We had an entire worm colony living in a container in our kitchen. Seriously like 40-50 worms. I had to secretly release them in to the wild while AnDee was napping. 
The coolest part of this bug obsession? We have purple potato bugs in our yard. Like really purple!

Its hard to see in the pic but if you look at the second one, I put one of our purple friends next to a normal colored potato bug. They are neat and the kids literally spend hours looking for them while I try to rip up our mess of a front yard. Pep is also a rock moving champ which is awesome because we have more rocks than grass I think.

We have recently discovered something... tv is the devil. I knew it made my kids grumpy but I had no idea what a difference it would make in our lives to remove the tv watching. Dont get me wrong... I didnt get rid of the tv and kids still get to watch a little but it is a reward for getting their jobs and school done and they have time limits. Usually about a half an hour a day, tops. Life has been so much more pleasant without it. My kids are happy and respectful to me and to each other. They listen and obey without complaint, they sleep better, they eat better and we all just get along better. Im not saying that removing the tv has made us a perfect family but in comparison to what things were like before... we are doing pretty dang good. Pretty sure the tv will never make a real return to our home.  


  1. i used to love walks in that cemetery, too. it's a great cemetery for walking. :)

    hmm, you're making me rethink our tv habits. but my kids never sleep so i don't know how i would shower or anything! way to go, i know it must be hard.

  2. Those potato bugs are awesome. I must move to Payson!