Friday, October 18, 2013

Little Miss AnDee Lew

This girl is pretty much my best friend. She is clever and funny and smart as whip. She is doing SO well in preschool and just absolutely loves to learn! Its so fun to see her get so excited when those light bulbs go off.
We took a trip to the pumpkin patch with her class last week. We went on a hay ride, picked out pumpkins for her and the boys, and went down a giant slide ( at which point I broke my bum. Not kidding. My tailbone is broken. It hurts. And its not funny) We made our way through a maze and got to eat apple donuts and drink fresh apple cider! So good.

 This is her riding down with her favorite teacher Miss Alesha. The other little girl she was riding with was incredibly adorable. I couldn't stop staring.

She has become very aware of others. She often tells me about how sometimes the kids in her class are mean to the others and how she makes friends with the kids that are getting picked on because it makes her feel said when the kids are so mean.

Our neighbors had a couple of chickens they didn't want anymore so we adopted them. One is a little bantam hen. She is just tiny so of course AnDee loves her. Plus she will just stand still and let AnDee walk right up to her and pick her up. She carries her around everywhere. Hunter generally leaves the chickens alone but for some reason the other day he went after the tiny little lady that AnDee so lovingly calls her little "chicky". I thought for sure she was dead. My diagnoses was a punctured lung. She was not breathing well. Only about one breath every 10 seconds and the breath was more of a gasp. I put her in a box and explained to AnDee that she probably wouldn't make it and that she would feel better if she died and went to Heavenly Father. AnDee decided she needed to say a prayer and ask for Heavenly Fathers help. 20 mins later that chicken popped right up and acted like nothing ever even happened. Seriously a miracle. Such a good learning experience for both me and Buggy.

I love hanging out with this cool chick. She makes every day a little brighter and a little better.
Plus she is so stylish!


  1. Hahaha! I love all of these! AnDee is ridiculously gorgeous. She's got the all natural beauty going on, the stinking beautiful girl ;). Pep's pictures of doing handstands is well worth the blurriness. That's hilarious! And Ike is adorable. You've got some cute kids!

  2. I love her style. It makes me feel like I'm not the only one with some brightly dressed polygamist child. Plus when they get older we don't have to take the blame for the weird clothes they wore!