Monday, October 28, 2013

Clever Title

I dont have a clever title for this post and in all honesty I am too tired to think of one. Life is stressful at the moment.
Here is the randomness you have missed out on since the last post...

A few more things we (and by "we" I actually mean "I") harvested. I still have carrots left and then Im all done! This is mostly impressive because I did all this while Andrew was hunting and I was home alone with all three kids. He brought home another elk though. Pretty sure we are good in the meat department for a while.

 Aunt Gayle came over and we sang "banging on the pots and pans" whilst actually banging on pots and pans (for those of you who grew up with me you may or may not remember this song. It is a fun one!)
 I was a sucker and bought the kids these dopey little $1 bats from the drug store while we were there. On the way home the conversation went like this.
Pep: "My bat name is Bat Teeth and he REEEAAALLLY poooky!!!"
AnDee: "My bats name is Sparkle and she's not spooky. She's sweet."
 I had to post this pic so I can remember what that head of hair looked like on that tiny little body. I'm jealous of her hair. Sometimes when she puts her pants on it gets stuck in the waist band. Its her pride and joy. If I ever threaten to cut it, she about panics.
 Pep is Dennis the Menace. That's all.
 Ike has teeth! Two teeth! But you can only see the one in this pic cause the other one is still just peaking through.
 Cousins. Ike looks like a giant. However they do wear the same size diaper. Aldee has a large bottom.
 We swing... and swing and swing and swing. But all that swinging comes with lots of giggles so its worth all the pushing.
 We made a trip up to Aunt Gayle's house and ate all her raspberries. No seriously... that bowl was heaping when they started and empty when they left. It was really quite incredible to watch the mass consumption of raspberries those little things accomplished. I guess they do take after me a little

In other news:
Remember how we had to say goodbye to Dyl? It was short lived. He is back. Things didn't work out for him in Nevada and we are sorry to say that we are not at all sorry about that. So that goodbye ended up being a super easy goodbye. The next goodbye however will most definitely be the hardest goodbye we have come across yet...
(That was my attempt at a cliff hanger. Check back for details)


  1. oooo, a post with a cliff hanger? That's gooood. ;) And bat teeth is pooky. Just saying.

  2. Her hair!!!! It's amazing, gorgeous, beautiful, I could go on and on. But I gotta know, do you have major arguments when brushing it? Hunt doesn't have near as much and we argue like crazy over her hair.