Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Too Many

I feel like I write too many goodbye posts. Alas, here we are again with another goodbye.
Dyl got a pretty sweet job offer on the Nevada/California border... Much to our dismay, he took it. So we of course had a little get together to say goodbye. We ate food, played games and fell off the slack line a lot.
The good thing is that saying goodbye to Dyl this time wasnt quite as hard. He can come home and visit regularly and we get a weekly facetime call from him so we are handling it a lot better than we did when he went on his mission and we felt totally seperated.
We will miss him for sure though! Its always hard to watch our best friends move on to a new phase in their lives that doesn't include us quite as much but we are super excited for him and wish him the best!
Before he could leave we (of course) had to gather everyone around the computer to watch "What does the fox say" and other various stupid youtube videos


 I actually kinda feel bad for posting this pic. I tend to post pic of Andrew for my own entertainment. His pants were getting in the way so he took care of the problem. However he does tell me that he is very confident in his legs so he is not embarrassed by this pic in the slightest.
 Hugs goodbye

Love you Dyl! Good luck!

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