Monday, September 30, 2013

The Canyon

We went up the canyon last week. As a kid we went on the deer hunt with my Dad every autumn. Now its totally ingrained in me. When the weather starts to change I have an overwhelming desire to be in the mountains. I pretty much always have a desire to be in the mountains but this time of the year I just cant fight it.
So instead of catching up on the housework like I should have last Tuesday, we went up the canyon for a small but exciting (or in my case relaxing) adventure.
We love living so close to Payson canyon. Its literally up the road from us and we can get there in no time flat. If you have never been up this canyon I highly recommend it. It is honestly one of the most beautiful canyons I have ever been in, especially in the fall when all the leaves are changing.
We didnt really do much. Just drove up to Maple lake and explored. My kids were in heaven and so was I.

AnDee is way up there at the top. If you look closely you can see her.
 Following Sissy
 They really are best friends. Even if they yell and scream at each other on a regular basis. Best friends do that, right?

 They found tons of acorns (which they were both calling apricots no matter how many times I corrected them)

 They also found about a bazillion snail shells. 

 Pep was convinced he could just walk out in the water and catch the ducks. He was not pleased when I told him no.
 She is always way ahead of us. So independent.
 Patient baby that hardly made a peep the entire time.
 If you were wondering how to get the snail shells out of the water without getting your feet wet.... this is how.

 Surprisingly, no one fell in. Not even once!

It was fun. Much needed. I'm hoping to make it up there sometime this week too. Especially if the weather doesn't permit us to go on the (next) elk hunt with Andrew.

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