Monday, September 16, 2013

Onion Days

The sad truth is that we pretty much missed Onion Days all together. Between moms soccer and dads hunting there was little time left to enjoy the festivities.
I was feeling fairly guilty about this on Saturday morning. Andrew was out hunting and so I wasnt sure if I dared brave the parade with the trio all by myself but I sucked it up and went for it.
The kids loved it and I'm glad we went... even if I do get sick of AnDee hunting down every flyer that every person is handing out and then bringing them to me.
I do however enjoy the Onion Days parade a little more than the Strawberry Days parade for this one reason: The Strawberry Days parade has (in my mind) turned in to one big walking advertisement. You get a few marching bands and other little bonus things in there but for the most part its just businesses trying to get some publicity.
The Onion Days parade is a little more old school. Tons of floats and dance teams and old people choirs. Its lovely in that regard. Plus there are multiple bagpipe bands in it.. what more could you ask for?
The other bonus is that the street the parade goes down is like 3 blocks from our house so its easy to get in and get out with a stroller and we dont have to worry about a car and finding parking and all that jazz.
Im glad we went. Im also glad my kids were ok with leaving a little early. It was getting fairly warmish towards the end.

We brought sidewalk chalk for pre-parade entertainment.

 Of course the wee one slept through most of it. Even the sirens. (no he's not deaf, He's just Andrew's child)
 This is a great shot because generally when Pep "covers his ears" he just puts his hands on his cheeks. But I think he might actually have his fingers in his ears on this one.

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