Monday, September 16, 2013

Its a Big One!

Lots of Pics, lots of randomness... you know, the usual.
I keep telling myself that I am going to do a post at the end of the harvest season to show off our bounty. If we are being real it probably wont happen so here are a few bits and pieces of what we have enjoyed so far.
My kids love carrots.... I love that they love them. Carrots are so easy to grow.  Definitely one of my favorite garden items
 Plums. Oh Plums. Plums coming out my eyeballs. And we still have another entire tree that isn't ripe yet. So much work. So SO much work. Pictured below we have some plum jam and dried plums. My children eat the dried plums like candy (so do I) and the jam is good BUT.... We also made a couple of batches of plum syrup! It is probably the single best thing I have ever thought of. I just want to drink it, it is so delicious.
 Our little chickies finally started laying about a month ago. We also have eggs coming out of our eyeballs now. We have one hen that lays these GIANT eggs. (ill have to post a pic some time) and every single one of them has two yolks in it. We have a hyper-ovulating hen. (is it weird that I can say things like that and still have zero problem eating the eggs?)

Dont worry. Our harvest season is far from over. Like I said we still have an entire plum tree, and apple tree, tomatoes, more carrots, squash, melons and last but not least honey to harvest. Im sure you will be seeing more pics.
The kids love being able to go out and pick their own fruits and veggies. They often come in looking something like this... 

AnDee is starting to slowly try and work her way out of taking naps. Some days we just do a "rest time" where she has to find something quiet to do while the boys sleep. But sometimes she thinks she is bigger than she really is and her body takes over and reminds her that naps are sometimes necessary... even if they are face down and in a completely uncomfortable position.

Costco has sweet jackets...
 Pep, Ike and I go running a few times a week after we drop AnDee off at school. Lately with all the rain there have been huge night crawlers all over the roads. This has been a life saver for me. I give Pep a few worms and he is completely happy for the rest of the run. The only problem is getting him to let them go afterwards. He is a firm believer that they should be taking naps with him, in his bed and under his blankets. He takes very good care of the creatures he captures.
 This is what AnDee's hair looked like for church yesterday (the pic doesn't do justice. It was quite the do) I did that. Me. Chantal. Who can barely accomplish a successful ponytail on herself. Im proud. Therefore, I'm bragging. Look how good I did!
 The girl drew this pic in church yesterday. Its a self portrait. I knew this without asking. How did I know this? You might ask. One green eye, one blue. She is one in a million (no seriously. Less than 1% of the worlds population has heterochromia) and she is proud of it.

This boy is happy. Adorable and happy..
 He eats his toes a lot lately.
 And thinks its really funny
He has finally mastered rolling both ways! He isn't a huge fan of solid baby foods still but he sure does pack in the oatmeal at bedtime. Seriously... He eats bigger portions than I do.
I say he is not a fan of solid BABY food but that does not mean he doesnt want big people food. The kid has a serious case of food envy
 He has also become a real fan of giving kisses. You know, the big slobbery, have-to-wash-your-face-after kind? He sure is good at them and escaping is next to impossible with the death grip he gets on your hair! Its awesome! I love it!

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