Friday, September 6, 2013

I have a confession

Im a bad mom. My little Ike is 6 months old. Ask me if he has been vaccinated. Nope. Ask me if I have even taken him to the doctor since the whole jaundice thing ended. Nope. I know I need to do these things  but holy smokes my life is busy and he is just so healthy and happy just they way he is! Ill get there... soon.... I hope.
I am completely in love with this kid. He has the most sweet and gentle demeanor ever. Andrew said the other day. "I think Ike is just about as close to what Jesus would have been like as a baby as you can get." This made me laugh but its pretty true. He is just sweet and loving and patient. He gets beat up and hauled around and left of the floor or in his bouncer for embarrassingly long amounts of time and he hardly ever even makes a noise. He always has a smile for anyone who is willing to look in his direction and his laugh is just about the cutest thing to ever happen.
I cant even express how grateful I am for this kid. He can calm me down when I am feeling overwhelmed or angry. His spirit is undeniably good.... I hope I don't ruin that. :)
I wish I could tell you stats on him. You know.. the height, weight, percentile thing... but I cant as  I haven't taken him to a doctor in ages. I can tell you however that he is growing like a weed. He still eats for like 3 hours straight before bed time. Luckily he is eating some solids now so my body is getting a little break in that department. Lately he has been going through one of those growth spurts where when you pick him up in the morning he is significantly heavier than he was when you put him down the night before. Its crazy how much weight he has been packing on. He is getting squishy and I love it.

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  1. You're not a bad mom! My kids have always been vaccinated on time and Hunt has already caught two diseases she had been vaccinated for. Makes me wonder if they really do work. Ike's adorable and healthy so who cares! Also Andrew is awesome. I'm so impressed he left you a note. I never get those just dead bobcats staring back at me. Chris should take lessons!