Friday, October 18, 2013

Renzo Baby

As I have said many a time.... I am in LOVE with this boy. He is the most sweet and cuddly little thing. Every time I pick him up (and I do mean EVERY time) he wraps his tiny little arms and gives me the biggest hug ever. Makes me feel like I am the single most important person in the world.
He still isnt quite crawling but it wont be long. He did however finally pop his very first tooth through. Its the front bottom left and the right will make its appearance any time now. Its right on the edge.
He LOVES to eat but he doesnt particualrly like baby food. It must be the texture or something because I will try to feed him a bottle of (baby food of course) carrots and he will gag and spit and do anything he can to make it stop. But if I give him little pieces of cooked carrot he will eat it right up. A few weeks ago I tried to feed him some mashed up banana. He hated it. He kept dry heaving and turning his head so I couldn't put more in. The faces he was pulling were the classic baby-just-tried-new-strange-food faces so I thought Id keep the funny faces coming and give him his first taste of dill pickle.... ZERO reaction... other than he loved it and started humming and dancing. He does that... dances when he likes something or someone.
He is a jumper. Im starting to think he will never walk because every time we stand him up he immediately starts to jump.
He sits up on his own for endless amounts of time now. However when he sits on the bed we like to make a nest around him because he likes to flop over and then roll until he falls off. Fortunately our bed is just a mattress on box springs that sits on the ground and falling off is pretty safe. In fact he seems to like the fall. Adrenalin junky

He love to say "dadadada" all day. You know, like most babies do to drive their mothers crazy cause lets be honest, it would be a lot more fair if their first word was "mamama"
He still likes to eat his feet. The second his toes are bare they go right in his mouth and he gets a little irritated when I try to take them away and put clothes on him.

Bath time is the highlight of his day. He starts dancing the instant he sees the tub and dances all the way through the process. He dances so hard we end up with water everywhere but cleaning up is worth the sheer joy it brings him.

He has remained very patient with his siblings (we will see how long that lasts) and even puts up with AnDee hauling him around (and scaring the snot out of me) the house.

We love him. Every one loves him. No one can resist his charm. Especially that smile that takes up his entire face

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