Friday, October 18, 2013

Joseph Xavi Pep Naugle

Ask him his name, he will tell you... "I Jophes (yes jophes) Xavie Pep Naugle)
A while back the kids were arguing. This is all I heard...
Andee: "Yes you are Pep and you know it!"
Pep: "No! AnDee! I NOT know it! I Pep!"
This mostly makes me laugh because when I was a kid and I would go to my dad and say things like "Dad Im hungry" he would reply with something to like "You're hungry? I thought you were Chantal" and then he would laugh at his cleverness. Apparently Pep has my dads sense of humor and I love it.
He is going through a phase right now that is killing me. He is THE most lovable, sweet, adorable, charming little guy in the whole world. Ugh! I cannot get enough of him! Then suddenly... BAM! He's the devil and I want to throw him out the window. There is no in between with him. Its either perfection or pure evil and I never know what is coming next.
He is still obsessed with trains and wants to be a train conductor for Halloween. He plays with them for hours and hours and carries them everywhere he goes.

He has also become a handy man. He fixes everything. I found him and his sister in a giant puddle they had made in the back yard in 60 degree weather. He was "fixing" his bike.... and possibly freezing to death. I cant keep them dry!

Speaking of not being able to keep them dry.. I cant keep shoes on my children either (which they probably come by honestly) However we have some aggressive chickens (no seriously. One flew at me and took a chunk out of my thigh! psycho chicken!) and they like to peck at toes. Pep has developed a little bit of a fear of them as a result. He panics when they come towards him. That is he did panic until I put some big solid shoes on him... He looked at me and said "I not afraid! I kick chicken!" and he did. Repeatedly. And I let him.
Handstands. We appreciate a good hand stand in our house. AnDee is a pro. She flips her feet straight up and then can even do push ups while in the handstand. Its insane. Pep is right on her tail though. I pretty much love watching him try to do a handstand. Cracks me up every time.
(sorry for blurry pics)

I also pretty much love his cowboy boots and shark jammies.

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